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Aldi Employment - FAQ

Why do ALDI checkout staff always scan items at top speed with no regard for your ability to match their pace loading items into your bag or cart?
I’m a current employee of my local ALDI in America and have been there for two months. Knowing that, let me tell you this: ALDI would give big-brother a run for their money.I work part-time on weekends and so as a result, I am almost always the primary or backup cashier because so much foot traffic is going on in the store and let me tell you; everything you do at the register is timed. They want “efficiency” and if you do not meet the standards, you will be held accountable for it.For example, ALDI wants at the most only two seconds between transactions. When I say between transactions, I mean the time when you end one transaction and begin another. They’ll let you get away with three seconds at the store I work for but if you hit four seconds, you are failing the standards.Every item has multiple bar codes on it so you can ring it up from almost any angle, but this also means stuff can get scanned by accident very easily. Yet they do not want any void items on the ticket. Ten voids is not acceptable in a normal day of work (eight hours, expected foot traffic on the weekend) they want to them to be around zero to three.And lastly, the ringing speed. For a minimum standard the company demands that the cashier be able to ring 1,200 items per hour. If you can be faster, they’ll push you for it. For my part, being that I’m a part-timer, I’ve managed to ring only 1,000 items per hour. My boss tells me that I’m too slow and “will have to be held accountable for my efficiency” as per the rules of ALDI.So if it seems like the employees are rushing, trust me, they are. But it’s literally not their fault. It’s ALDI that has the crazy expectations that they are required to meet for fear of losing their job. You wonder why they pay so well? Because the physical demands of the job are insane. If you’re not ringing things up at the 1.2k speed, you’re on the floor, pulling items, stocking shelves or crushing boxes into bales. Injury risk is high as well, hence the benefits offered. So please, speaking as a customer service worker for this business, try not to be upset at the employees for the standards the higher up sets. It’s not their fault that they have to act like that, it’s ALDI’S.
Do wealthy people go to places like Walmart?
I have to be honest on this one• as I see there’s a lot of “beautified” answers here.We don’t go to Walmart !First, because of the people that go there• you know what I’m talking about.Second, because the quality of products in Walmart is inferior.I mean, as a business man I’ve had encounters with Walmart where they demanded I reduce the quality of my products if I want to sell it on Walmart - in order to make it cheaper.So let’s say you’re buying milk in Walmart - it may not be the same milk you’re buying in Wholefoods , because they are so BIG that they can demand you reduce the price of your milk just for them• and the only way to reduce the price is reducing your cost• which means making the product worse.If you check ingredients you’ll be surprised to see that a lot of products in Walmart are NOT the same as in other stores• it could be the same packaging but not the same quality.Third, it’s not that I will avoid on purpose to go to Walmart , but why would I ever need to??If you didn’t notice - most rich people don’t go shopping• I mean, we order everything home - Wholefoods delivers and food is better there than in Walmart.Do you think I will sacrifice my health to save $200 a month?But seriously, who has time to go shopping nowdays when you can get everything delivered to your home.When you have money you don’t need to compromise and you don’t need to look for deals and especially not go after inferior quality of products or service.And at Walmart - you’ll find only INFERIORITY.Starting at the employees they employ - all the way to the products they sell.It’s purposely CHEAP - and it comes with a PRICE.I’m not going to start even talking how BAD they treat with their employees• You should watch this movie !It has enormous buying power, representing 15–20% of the total world sales for many of the manufacturers it buys from. Demanding the greatest discount of all buyers while being able to walk away from carrying the brand at all (go tell your boss you lost 15% of gross sales by holding the line on the price like he told you, with luck he’ll be joining you in probably unemployable line) keeps ratcheting the prices below profitability for many manufacturers. That special discounted price means Wal-mart can sell the item to consumers, if it wants to, at a price below what other retailers buy it from the manufacturer for. The retailers drop the manufacturer’s product line if they think they can and the manufacturer becomes steadily more reliant on Wal-mart while watching their margins vanish. It’s a killer for manufacturers and also encourages them to produce bare bones products, ever cheapening the materials and finding the cheapest labor in the world, a major factor in the loss of millions of good jobs in manufacturing over the decades. Charles Fishman has deeply researched examples of this in “The Wal-Mart Effect” while Fortune magazine has covered the negotiating clout of Wal-mart with huge suppliers like Procter & Gamble.
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