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Aldi Employment - FAQ

Is it wise to pursue an MS in the USA Fall 2019?
Thanks for A2A, Shreyas S.I am going to be brutally honest in this answer. It is going to be sour for many people out there if you aren’t expecting what I am about to write today.No, it is not wise to pursue MS in the USA, Not in Fall 2022. or Spring 2022 or in the next 10 years, for that matter.Why? Most of the international students, especially from India, take huge education loans for the MS. And Indian banks are giving out loans like peanuts left and right.But when you graduate from your university, it is sooooo difficult to find a job. It takes around 2–3 years to find a job. Even if you find a job, there is always a question of sponsorship. Employers nowadays are declining to hire any applicant who needs sponsorship.Employers do not want to sponsor after OPT runs out- H1B or green card is a dream alone for many Indians now. Many students opt to go for CPT till H1B is approved, but how many years of precious life are worth wasting in the cycle of CPT, OPT or H1B?But all students who come to the US for MS need to pay off the education loan and without a job or an employer sponsorship to allow them to work, it is almost impossible to be able to afford $1000 per month as a loan repayment installment to send back to the country and be able to manage living expenses in USA.I wish I had known that the life in the US is not all glitters. It is a lot of hardships immigration-wise and following the regulations and rules, day in and day out. Sometimes, it is exhausting, but I (and many of my fellow countrymen/women) can’t complain now. I (we) have a loan to repay and parents to look after.So it may not be wise to pursue MS in USA in the current scenario, but it is always wise to choose your battles carefully- would you a fight a battle knowing you’re gonna lose OR would you rather win a battle you knew you could have won any day?If you get the difference in the above battles, you know what I am talking about!PS- Like I expected this answer was soooo sour to many people out there. Guess what? Most of them aren’t even in USA! The grass is always greener on the other side of the world.
How do I get Railway jobs in India?
Western Railway Station Master Recruitment 2022 For 135 PostsWestern Railway Recruitment 2022 Apply Online For Station Master Jobs Notification. Interested Candidates Fill Online Application Form Of this Recruitment before Closing Dates.Western Railway Recruitment 2022 Apply Online For Station Master JobsHere the Notification Released By Western Railway For Recruitment 2022. This Year Western Railway Issued Station Master Job Vacancies For there Eligible Candidates, Whose Full Details are Available in Link Of Notification Page Which Given Below. Application Form Filling Process Of this Post has Started From 01.07.2019, So those all Candidates Who Are Waiting and Searching For Railway Jobs 2022 they all have a Great Opportunity to Apply Online For Station Master Job. the other Details Of this Recruitment As Like Job Location, Salary Pay, Education Qualification, Selection Process, Age Limit, Important Dates Etc is Given Below.Read MoreClick Here to Find Railway Jobs
What is a recent Indian Railways job?
Western Railway Station Master Recruitment 2022 For 135 PostsWestern Railway Recruitment 2022 Apply Online For Station Master Jobs Notification. Interested Candidates Fill Online Application Form Of this Recruitment before Closing Dates.Western Railway Recruitment 2022 Apply Online For Station Master JobsHere the Notification Released By Western Railway For Recruitment 2022. This Year Western Railway Issued Station Master Job Vacancies For there Eligible Candidates, Whose Full Details are Available in Link Of Notification Page Which Given Below. Application Form Filling Process Of this Post has Started From 01.07.2019, So those all Candidates Who Are Waiting and Searching For Railway Jobs 2022 they all have a Great Opportunity to Apply Online For Station Master Job. the other Details Of this Recruitment As Like Job Location, Salary Pay, Education Qualification, Selection Process, Age Limit, Important Dates Etc is Given Below.Read MoreFind More Indian Railways Jobs HereCheck Out More Railway Job BelowRailway SECR Recruitment 2022 Online Notification For Trade Apprentice - Online Application Form.Candidates Who are Eligible Can Apply Online at Official Website Of SECR.SECR Trade Apprentice Recruitment 2022 For 432 Posts, Apply OnlineThe South East Central Railway (SECR) has Issued Jobs Vacancies 2022 For their Eligible Candidates. In this Notification SECR Issued Large Number Post Of Trade Apprentice, Whose Details are Available on Notification Link Given Below. the Application Form Filling Process Of this Recruitment has Started Now, so those all Candidates Who Looking For Govt Jobs 2022 they all have a Great Opportunity to Apply Online For Trade Apprentice Posts. all Candidates Can also Check other details Relate to this Recruitment Such As Job Location, Selection Process, Age Limit, Salary Pay, Education Qualification, Important Dates Etc is Given below.Read More
Is it true that US jobs on H1B have suddenly been reduced? All they want are candidates who are US citizens, green card holders or with an EAD permit.
I don’t know who you are, and I feel for you, if you are applying to well compensated jobs that require the highest professional expertise. After 15 years of widespread (millions of jobs just in IT) “offshoring” abuse, work visas got the inevitable reputation, especially combined with the geographic origin of said labor.Nothing personal. H1B was looked at differently before the early 2000s. Any professional, at least in IT was respected regardless of the citizenship. It’ll never return to that. It hurt me, an American (naturalized, but still), and it hurts people like you. Note, how I used the past tense. I stopped being a good boy and obediently playing the exploitative IT game. By the rules, set by greedy CFOs.I know it is easy for me to say things like that, being here. Don’t play that game, hoping that years of work visa suffering would result in a stable white-collar career and middle class lifestyle. They won’t. Not anymore. The system stopped working - for you.There are many ways for you to succeed outside of the stinky corporate world. Join a worldwide open-source team (or form one doing something you love). Find like-minded people where you live. One way or another transform yourself from an abused employee into an entrepreneur (meaning future employer). It’s easier than ever to found a tech startup nowadays. Everything is free. You just need an idea and talent to execute. If you lack either, your employment failure is not caused by visa issues.Last, but not least, if you build a reputation in your field - I mean a portfolio of work and track record instead of stupid super-rare resume abbreviations people with pawn mentality are trying to separate themselves with from the visa-seeking masses. If you have the reputation, great startups will find you. And they will, unlike predatory recruiters, get that visa for you, if they need to bring you to the US.That was the short version. Now comes the tl;dr part.If you want to continue down the corporate pawn path, you are fucked. I was fucked. Everyone on the employee side of the fence is fucked. Quantity vs. quality. Yes, I know who said that. The balance is ruined. After the corporate America’s discovery of the certain country aggressively marketing and exporting its main resource: the enormous semi English speaking population, the numbers game began. The only possible outcome was the cheap quantity crushing the quality. The numbers always represent, don’t you think? No miracles. Real talent doesn’t grow on trees in numbers it is being “imported” here.It’s numbers. Nothing else. Can’t demand to be treated like an individual (a fair chance to present your skills at a job interview), let alone a college-educated professional with unique skills. Not with a hundred people breathing down your neck - in line for the same job. Whether their credentials and claims are phony compared to yours, doesn’t matter. You are lumped with them, and the cheapest one wins. Keep fooling yourself, that work visas exist due to the shortage of highly skilled professionals. It’s the CFOs tool to exploit. At least after 2022 in IT.Staffing body shops were happy to oblige. After bringing over millions of the cheapest villagers subjected to cramming Java textbooks in smelly basements for three months, w/o even touching a personal computer (too expensive)... inevitably everyone else in that applicant group is now viewed as a third-world villager.I’d not credit the government with trying to help the American middle class. First, it never gets anything right even with the good intentions. And second, speaking of intentions, the two-party American government is financed aka “lobbied” by two distinct industrial groups, not the population, let alone completely powerless middle class.The $4K fine is a gesture at best - nothing considering the “savings” between the $80 and $2/hr - eaten by several layers of middlemen, but still• in IT, which consumes the lion’s share of H1Bs.During my 20+ year Fortune 100 IT career, just the number of “onshore” “discount resources” I’ve seen per company - counted via email lists, if you are wondering• and BTW that was only the tip of the iceberg, transferring work to 3–5 times bigger workforce “offshore”• That “onshore” hub alone would not add up to the annual H1B limit. Not to mention most of them were paid significantly lower than even pathetic $60K mandated by the H1B.The majority of IT “discount resources” is on the not-regulated L1 visa. So H1B restrictions or its nominal (at best) enforcement is not going to affect the corporate assault on American middle class wages. It just makes the 0.00001% of legit H1B applicants life miserable. Like other government’s “good deeds”• yes, Obamacare. Do they care? No. A screwup? Well• every government’s “screwup” is lining somebody’s pockets. Never yours or mine, that’s for sure.I’ll skip the issue of finding meaningful work for those thousands of software engineers. They do nothing - “onshore” or “offshore”. They smoke outside the buildings, pretend to rush to BS meetings and trainings, chat, walk around• It’s redundancy at best. Buying the cattle wholesale• just in case. And to justify the budget.That scam relies on numbers. Can’t find as many college educated professionals in the US. Also any American’s credentials and work history would be easy to verify unlike “top” tech universities in that remote part of the world. Some of those “resources” may not even exist, as physical people. Typical third world fraud and corruption. It’s a headcount scam for the body shop middleman and bribed American decision makers. Not as many kickback opportunities with hardware (servers, switches, etc.) compared to buying people like cattle.My theory would be, that some of the tech companies that jumped on that engineering cattle bandwagon in the early 2000s, fired their clueless CIOs who made those decisions. A typical CIO gets let go (with a golden parachute) after his/her five-year disastrous contract. Which I indeed witnessed around 2007–2009. Keep in mind, to fire such high-ranking company officer, the losses should be in hundreds of millions. Yes, they were. Every single Fortune 100 IT department I worked at. The cream de la cream of the Wall Street. How they survived? They passed those losses onto the consumer: you and me. Ever wondered why insurance policies of all sorts: from auto to health are not getting cheaper despite (theoretical) advances in data automation? That’s all it is: data entry and reports. You deal with those failures every day, logging into bank and health insurance websites.A few of the new CIOs must have seen the light. The fairytale of at least one overpopulated country magically producing millions of MIT-level graduates every year is over. You get what you pay for. Engineering is hard, and there will always be a finite number of capable (software) engineers in the world. Plus the “enterprise” software: said bank and insurance websites need to work after all. So not many companies today, at least in IT are willing to take their chances with $2/hr code monkeys again, after the 15-year technology stagnation caused by “offshoring”.The second factor is the third-world employment mentality. The code monkeys of the early 2022. got their green cards and became IT middle managers. What every one of them does upon the promotion? Right, cleans the space and brings half of his/her village over. What else you’d expect from Medieval clan-centric (work and business) culture? A warm embrace of the American individualism aka “let the best man win”? It’s not about your visa. Check again, if you are a member of the hiring manager’s clan: a friend or a relative. No? Leaving/left your home country after being fed up with those atrocities? Unfortunately, the numbers game brought them to American IT departments.The third factor is the emergence of strong tech employers (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) that only hire good• yes, “expensive” by corporate CFO standards, engineers. Google and Amazon have real products to build or support - unlike corporate IT, that gets away with 70–90% failures used to hedge against taxes. There goes another clueless MBA myth of firing the original “expensive” team and handing off the developed product/service to “discount resources” for “maintenance”.Fourth, thanks to Google-caliber companies the software development and other computer-aided engineering technology has gotten better allowing one skilled (and well-paid) American engineer to do more - and eliminating the need for low-level “coding” jobs. Tedious low level jobs is yet another IT myth. There are none in a tight engineering team. Real engineering is always creative. But then, like I mentioned, typical IT 3000+ cattle head “employment” is a scam for the middlemen to get their money. Each, I am not kidding you, paid more than the actual “engineer” they sell to some American corporation IT department.I can’t wait for 3D printing and similar advanced manufacturing technologies to eliminate the need to stamp plastic in China - exploiting kids, harming the environment, and other atrocities, we did not want here, and turn the blind eye to, shopping at Wal-Mart. Does it matter, where the emissions-free fully-automatic 3D printer is located? Save on shipping and further reduce emissions.So overall, any exploiter’s delight of finding the cheap labor heaven is only temporary, because the technology always reduces the headcount and eliminates cheap jobs. It’s a simple formula. The abundance of cheap (manual) labor turns the technical progress back.The progress makes every occupation productive and creative - for the few able to create. As for the billion of people over there in need of “a job” (of support or maintenance kind) to make a living? It’s their problem. Learn from China’s birth rate reduction efforts.
What is your salary? Are you happy with it?
I'm 24 and I'm not going anonymous. I know that I earn more than the average income of my age. Feel free to feel jealous.Let me show you the 2L breakdown.Rent: 50k. I live alone in a 4 BHK sea facing, wind gushing, posh, upscale apartment.Food and drinks: 30kPartying and friends: 20kFood, party, friends and Nasha (Getting High): 30kSavings: 50kRemaining 20k?Faltu ka kharcha (unnecessary expenses)I'm 24 and the only bread winner of my family. I started with 10 rupees + Parle-G biscuit packet when I was 3.My boss got impressed with my work, one day he called me up and said, “Son, I'm going to give you 1000% hike + Jim Jam.” I was ten then.I worked my a$$ off and now I earn 24k pm.#Hard_Work_PaysI'm from one of the oldest IITs (I've to mention this to establish that other IITs are shittier and prove my merit). Right out of college I got placed in Goggle, a startup (Mind you, not Google) with 12 LPA.2nd year: 16LPA3rd year: 20LPA4th year: 24 LPAIt's my seventh year in the company and I think you're smart enough to spot Arithmetic Progression and got my salary.EDIT: I'm no more interested in making money. But as a token of gratitude, my company gives me 11 “Sunfeast Dark Fantasy” packs pm.“This line is no way relevant to the answer. It's just that cliched signature shit.”
What is RRB NTPC?
Dear candidate,Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has released RRB NTPC recruitment 2022 for total 44,531 vacancies of Non-Technical, Para Medical Staff, Ministerial & Isolated Categories and Level 1 (RRC 01) Posts. You can apply online for RRB NTPC 2022 through the official site of Railway Recruitment Board (RRB).RRB NTPC Recruitment, RRB NTPC Jobs Apply at indianrailways.gov.inAs per that RRB NTPC notification 2022 , the online application form for RRB NTPC (Non-Technical) posts is active since 1st March 2022. while for Para Medical Staff is active since 4th March 2022. You can apply online for Ministerial & Isolated Categories from 8th March 2022 (tentative), while the online application form for Level 1 (RRC 01) will get active from 12th March 2019(tentative). However, the RRB NTPC exam date 2022 is yet to be released!This will be a great opportunity for those who were waiting to induct with the Railway sector. The purpose of the RRB NTPC exam is to hold a common examination for the applicants in different state/UTs. Check out important dates, syllabus, exam pattern, total vacancy, cut off, question papers, admit card, other latest news on upcoming RRB NTPC vacancy 2019.The Online Application for RRB NTPC 2022 for Non-Technical Staff will begin from 28th Feb. The Para Medical, Ministerial & Isolated, & Level 1 will start from 4th, 8th, and 12th March 2022. Interested candidates can apply for different posts through the official site of RRB. Make sure you don't miss the last date to apply online.FeesCategoryFeesGeneral- Rs.500/-SC/ST/OBC/Females/Ex-Serviceman/Transgender/Minorities- Rs 250/-RRB NTPC Educational Qualification 2022. RRB recruits every year for various technical as well as non-technical posts. Aspirants can go through the educational eligibility requirement for the desirable post:Post NameEducation Qualification- GraduateAge-Based Eligibility: Minimum age of the candidate should be 18 years and maximum 32 years as on 01/01/2018. Whereas there is some age relaxation for different categories which are mentioned below:CategoryRelaxable AgeGeneral -No relaxationOBC- 3 yearsSC/ST- 5 yearsPerson With Disability (PWD • Unreserved) - 10 YearsPerson With Disability (PWD • OBC) - 13 yearsPerson With Disability (PWD • SC/ST)- 15 yearsWidows, divorced women & women judicially separated but not remarried (UR) - 3 yearsWidows, divorced women & women judicially separated but not remarried (OBC)-5 yearsWidows, divorced women & women judicially separated but not remarried (SC/ST)-8 yearsServing Group “C” and former Group “D” Railway Staff, Casual Labour and Substitutes (UR)- 8 yearsServing Group “C” and former Group “D” Railway Staff, Casual Labour and Substitutes (OBC) - 11 yearsServing Group “C” and former Group “D” Railway Staff, Casual Labour and Substitutes (SC/ST) - 13 yearsWorking in Quasi • Administrative Offices such as Railway Canteens, Co-operative Societies and InstitutesRelaxation upto length of service rendered, subject to a maximum relaxation of upto 5 years.Persons ordinarily domiciled in the State of Jammu & Kashmir from 01.01.1980 to 31.12.1989 -5 yearsEx-Servicemen, provided you put in more than 6 months service after attestation.(02.01.1981 minus extent of service rendered in Defence) to 01.01.1998Admit CardRRB usually releases the admit cards of NTPC before 10 days of the exam. We will update it once the official notification is being released.RRB NTPC Job ProfileRailway Recruitment Board (RRB) recruits suitable candidates every year for different posts which are mentioned below:Non-TechPara MedicalMinisterial and IsolatedLevel 1 RRCJunior Clerk Cum Typist, Account Clerk Cum Typist, Trains Clerk, Commercial Cum Ticket Clerk, Traffic Assistant, Goods Guard, Senior Commercial, Senior Clerk cum typist, Junior Accountant Cum Typist, Commercial Apprentice, Station MasterStaff Nurse, Health & Malaria Inspector, Pharmacist, ECG Tech, Lab Assistant, Lab SuptSteno, Chief Law Assistant, Junior Translator(Hindi)Track Maintainer, Grade IV, Helper/Assistant, Assistant Pointsman, Level-1 PostsRRB NTPC Salary and PerksRailway Recruitment Board will recruit this year 130000 vacancies. Below are the pay band & grade pay for various posts mentioned by RRB.Post NamePay BandGrade PayCommercial Apprentice (CA)Rs. 9300–34800- 4200Traffic Apprentice (TA)Rs. 9300–34800-4200Asst Station Master (ASM)Rs. 5200-20200-2800Senior Clerk-Cum-typistRs. 5200-20200-2800Enquiry-Cum-Reservation-ClerkRs. 5200-20200-2800Goods GuardRs. 5200-20200-2800Junior Accounts Assistant Cum TypistRs. 5200-20200-2800Traffic AssistantRs. 5200-20200-2800Senior Time KeeperRs. 5200-20200-2800Selection ProcedureAspirants opting for RRB NTPC should know the Selection Procedure of the recruitment. Students will be selected on the basis of the marks scored in first & second stage whereas other stages will be qualifying in nature. Below are the following stages of the recruitment:First Stage Online Examination (PT–CBT)Second Stage Examination (Mains–CBT)Typing Test (Skill Test)Aptitude TestDocument VerificationMedical Fitness TestFinal Merit ListRRB NTPC Syllabus 2019RRB NTPC Paper I involve four sections:General Awareness • 30 marks, Reasoning • 25 marks, Arithmetic Ability • 20 marks & General Science • 25 marks.Paper II will again involve four sections:General Awareness, Reasoning, Arithmetic Ability & General Science each carrying a total of 30 marks. Find here the detailed 2019https://www.mockbank.com/bulleti...You can check out previous year paper to understand the difficulty level of the paper.https://www.mockbank.com/bulleti...All the best for your preparation.;""
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