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Aldi Employment - FAQ

What is it like to work in ALDI?
Current employee, been there for two months and in a word, it’s very hectic and stressful.I admit, I do like how the fast-pace keeps you from being bored (I’m certainly never staring at the clock and looking for work during a shift) and that’s nice. However, the incredibly high standards and the constant pressure from upper management make the job very hard.One big thing that I’ve noticed in my primary duty as being a cashier is the ring speed. At my store (a US location) at the least, they want you to ring 1,200 items per hour. They want drawers to be either perfect or being under/over no more than ten dollars. Voids must be three or less, time between customers has to be three seconds at the very most. Being a part-timer who works about two days every week; I’m only ringing 31 items per minute and about a 1,000 items each hour. Not bad considering I’ve only worked 18 days since I started right? Wrong. At least according to Aldi’s.While my manager has noted my improvements and how I’ve taken on his suggestions to improve my speed, I have been told it’s still not enough and that I must keep pushing myself. Never mind that the store only has three people to close it at night and that I consistently clean the entire front end by myself. Never mind that my wrists hurt at the end of every shift because of how fast I’m going or how I’ve already hurt myself twice trying to ring heavy objects as fast as the company demands. (And this is only for ringing, it’s even worse with the load. This is the reason the benefits are so good, because the injury risk is that high.)This culture where the lower level employees are pushed like this is what makes the job so hard. No matter how hard you’re working, how much you’re improving or how well you’re keeping your head when you’ve served almost three hundred customers on one lane in one day it’s never enough. Aldi’s can never say “you did well today” it’s always “okay this was better but you have to do more or you will have to be held accountable for your efficiency”. Read: even though you’re improving drastically in such a short period of time, you have to do even more or we’re going to fire you.Customers are hustled out like cattle, you don’t have time to talk with them or make them smile. You’re throwing food into their carts willy-nilly, trying to make the time because you know you’ll be in trouble if you don’t. Problem with that is though, you run the risk of damaging product when you do that. This makes customer service take a huge hit, but at Aldi’s you can’t have excellent customer service and the speed they want and have little to no mistakes occur. You as an associate have to pick and usually, you’ll pick the speed because that’s what they’ll crack down on.So all in all, what’s it like working at Aldi’s? It’s a job that’s not at all what it looks like. All the customers see is a person ringing them up while sitting down but behind the scenes? It’s a very intense job with very high (and I would say unreasonable) expectations on all low-level employees.
Do employees get a discount on groceries at Aldi?
According to their Employment site, there is no mention of discount food items, and that is not surprising since Aldi is like a lot of supermarket chains. They operate under a tight profit margin, and any discounted prices affect their bottom line. Its called “Shrinkage”, which basically means loss of inventory value due to shoplifting, damage, returns, spoilage, dating, and including discounting..Skip NavigationSearch JobsMenuStore Management &Staff.The most valuable thing you earn at ALDI is opportunity.Store teams are the ALDI strategy in action. Every store is led by a dynamic, responsive and dedicated team leader who personifies the core values of ALDI. Within our cooperative atmospheres, store employees are certain to learn together and from each other as they collaborate to complete day-to-day responsibilities • because you’ll never have the same day twice.See all Store Management & Staff JobsRoles in our Stores.At ALDI, our organization is simple. Our flat hierarchy allows leaders to know their people, stay informed, and promote an open flow of ideas and suggestions to empower more effective decision making. As a result, we’re able to recognize talent and top performance early and often.Part-Time StockerPart-Time CashierStore AssociateShift ManagerManager TraineeStore ManagerBenefits at ALDI.All full-time employees will receive the following:Industry-leading wagesComprehensive Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance & Prescription CoverageGenerous vacation time & paid holidays401(k) plan with employer matching contributionShort- and Long-Term Disability InsuranceLife, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Dependent Life InsuranceExplosive growthCompetitive salariesPaid trainingFull benefitsManager Trainee:Store Manager Trainees begin their ALDI experience with an extensive training program and learn what it takes to manage an entire store. You’ll work closely with our Store Managers and District Managers to efficiently and effectively conduct store operations while learning how to lead, coach and develop Store Associates.It’s a challenging career in a fast-paced environment. But that’s why it’s immensely rewarding.Store Staff:Our Store Staff is the face of the ALDI shopping experience and our most valuable asset. Their hard work makes it possible to uphold our company philosophy to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Their smiles and pleasant demeanors keep customers coming back time and time again.As part of our Store Staff, you'll be front and center performing a variety of duties while delivering outstanding customer service. Store Staff positions include: part-time Stockers, part-time Cashiers and full-time and part-time Store Associates. Our staff is responsible for assisting Store Management by merchandising product, monitoring inventory and keeping the store looking its best. It's a great opportunity to get more out of your career and grow in an exciting environment.Store LocationsOur People.Meet your future teammates!Learn MoreFacebookLink opens in a new windowGlassdoorLink opens in a new windowLinkedInLink opens in a new windowALDI.usALDI InternationalExplore Other OpportunitiesPrivacy PolicyLegalSitemapAccessibility
What are the job opportunities in the UK for someone with a high school certificate?
I was going to say that job opportunities aren't that great for school leavers.But you say in Comments, Ron Angel's answer, that you have 2A*s in A level Maths and Physics. Well in that case there are quite a few opportunities. You could train as a Chartered Accountant. The ACA has training routes for school leavers like yourself if you have at least 240 UCAS points in your A levels ( 1 A* = 140 UCAS points. So you have 280 UCAS points ).Visit  careers.icaew.com  &www.icaewtrainingvacancies.comThere are companies that will give you a job as a trainee Accountant whilst studying for the ACA qualification. See latter website.The ACCA is the other major Accountancy qualification.  But ACA qualified accountants tend to earn more than ACCA qualified accountants. CIMA and CIPFA are the other two accountancy qualifications. CIMA is a Management Accountancy qualification.  CIPFA is the Accountancy qualification for government owned organisations. ( There is also a CA qualification which is the Scottish equivalent of the ACA qualification ).The National Audit Office is the Accountancy organisation for Central Government,  but I think you need 3 good A levels to work for them.Law.In theory you don't need a law degree to qualify as a lawyer. But nearly all lawyers nowadays have a degree. If you contact The Law Society, they will be able to advice on routes to qualify without going to university.There is another legal career called a Para Legals and Legal Executives. They assist lawyers. You don't need a degree to get into that profession.Actuary. These are the people who calculate insurance rates. Most people who join the profession have a 1st class Honours degree in Mathematics.  However like Accountancy a degree isn't essential. There is a Faculty of Actuarial Science. They are the professional body that runs the courses and exams for the profession. Computer Programming. A degree isn't essential to train as a Computer Programmer.  There are companies thar set would be recruits specialist IQ style tests; to assess whether you can think in the right way to become a good programmer.  They'll give you a job if you do well in their tests.Dental Assistant.Dental Assistants earn good money. They are not graduates. However most are women.Nursing.Nurses have to complete a degree nowadays.Trade jobs.There are lots and lots of trades you could study for part time at Further Education Colleges. The courses are free for School leavers; and the college will assist travel expenses;  plus free lunch etc.Eg. Electrician. Gas man. HVAC. Carpentry. Plumbing. Bricklayer. Roofer. Painter & Decorator. Tiler.Bathroom and Kitchen installers. Laboratory Technician. Mechanical manufacturing Engineering. Car body and engine repairers.The majority of trade courses are certified by City and Guilds. Visit their website for a detailed list of courses they run across the country.www.cityandguilds.comSales Assistant. Supermarkets and other shops take on Sales assistants and trainee store managers. The big supermarkets in the UK are Tesco, Sainbury's,  Asda, Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, Aldi, & Lidl. Major department stores and high street shops include House of Fraser, H&M, Boots the Chemist, Mothercare, B&Q, Harrods, Selfridges,  Beaverbrooks the Jewellers, River Island, WH Smiths, Toys R Us, Dreams. High Street Banks.I'm not sure whether you need a degree nowadays.  Didn't used to.Major banks and Building societies ( ie Mortgage finance companies ) with hundreds of branches across the country include Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank, HSBC, Halifax Bank, The Co-opBank, Nat West Bank, Nationwide Building Society, Scottish Widows.There are a few Indian, Pakistani & Arab owned banks in the UK as well.Other Finance Companies.American Express. Diner's International. Barclaycard. Capital One. Wonga.  Insurance Companies. The Prudential. Sun Alliance. Lloyds of London.Investment banks. Don't know if they still take school leavers. Helps if you've got contacts within the industry. Most of the major investment banks are in London. Eg. Goldman Sachs.Taxi Driver.Need to be at least 21 years old. They tend to earn around £500 per week before deductions for their expenses. Black Cab driver in London. Their test called "The Knowledge" is a difficult exam to pass. You need to know the names of most roads in London by heart / from memory. Some used to earn £50k per annum. But they are in competition with Uber nowadays. Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver.Need to be at least 21 or 25 years old.The Army/ Navy/ Royal Air Force.Need to be a Commonwealth Citizen if you are not British. They will pay for you to study at university full time. I've met army students at university studying Chemistry, Engineering, and Medicine. You get a full army pension aged 40. But it's no longer a cushy job as it was on the 1950s to 1980s. There are conflicts going on around the world. So the chances are you are going to find yourself in a war zone as part of your job nowadays.Airline Pilot. Many Airline pilots are Royal Air Force trained pilots. Airlines also hire Cabin crew and flight attendants. British based airlines include:www.britishairways.comEasy Jet Ryan AirFlybe Monarch Airwayswww.virgin-atlantic.comThe National Health Service. 1 in 8 foreigners in the UK work for The NHS. I'm not sure exactly which careers within the Health service don't require a degree. The NHS has a careers Web page. www.healthcareers.nhs.ukYou can also look for jobs in any field in the UK on the website:www.indeed.co.uk   & on www.cv-library.co.uk General Office Jobs.There are lots of office based non graduate jobs, women in particular tend to do. Eg  Receptionists,  Office Clerk, Payroll Clerks, Accounts Clerk, Personal Assistant for the Director.Job agencies on the High Street for General Office jobs include Reed, Brook Street, Adecco, Blue Arrow Personnel, Hays Personnel, Kelly Services, Manpower, Office Angels, Randstad.Educational Assistants / Care Homes Workers/ Social Care.There are specialist recruitment agencies for Classroom Assistants, Pre School Play groups, Carers for the old & mentally ill, & for Children who live in Children's homes. But I don't know the names of those agencies. But if you search for Care workers or Classroom Assistants in www.indeed.co.uk  you should find vacancies.Basic Factory Jobs. Factories like taking on hard workers prepared to work for the minimum wage or there abouts. Key words on jobs websites, to look for this type of work includes Assembly Workers,  Warehouse Work, Industrial Cleaners, Chargehands, Grinders, Millers, & CNC operators.A good website for factory jobs iswww.fish4jobs.co.ukAlso a website called Universal Job Match.Hotels.Kitchen staff, Chefs, Accounts department, Front of House staff / Reception/ Waiters, Chamber Maids, Cleaners, Maintenance Department.Hotels include The Hilton, Four Seasons, The Dorchester, The Holiday Inn, Premier Inn. You can look up the names of hotels in the UK on the website www.hotels.com  Fast Food /Restaurant work.I believe many of these are minimum wage jobs. Major fast food franchises in the UK includes McDonald's,  KFC, Pizza Hut, & Big John's. If you've got experience running a McDonald's restaurant as one of their managers they will lend you the £250k needed to open your own McDonald's francaise. There are thousands of independently owned "Indian" Restaurants across the UK.  I've heard many such restaurants are in fact owned by Bangladeshis. There are Chinese takeaway restaurants all across the UK as well. Most of their staff are East Asian in appearance. There are hundreds of independently owned restaurants across London.Travel Agents.There are thousands of travel agent shops on high streets across the UK. Many are independently owned. Thomas Cook, and The Co-op Travel shop are two of the big ones.Estate Agents.There are thousands of estate agent shops across the UK.  Estate agents include Bairstow Eves, & Right Move. Anybody can work as an Estate agent if you've got the personal qualities needed for the job. Sales No qualifications needed apart from Technical sales jobs.Many jobs pay a basic wage + car + commission. Some sales people earn 6 figure sums.Local Government. Job Centres. Council offices in towns and cities. You need to be a British citizen for certain government jobs. For sensitive government jobs; your parents and your grandparents may also need to be British. Oil Industry.A degree isn't essential for some jobs in the Oil and gas industry. Eg. Roughnecks who work aboard oil rigs. The UK industry is based in Aberdeen.You can find the names of oil and gas job agencies in Oil and Gas Trade directories. Major public libraries hold copies of these trade directories.12 hour shifts 7 days a week. 28 days on 28 days off. High pay.Starting your own Business. The government organisation Biz Britain can lend you up to £25000 to start your own business. If for example you would like to open a shop or restaurant with two other partners, Biz Britain can then lend each of you £25000 for that business idea. £75000 in total You can explore career options on the government's website  nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.ukUK Unemployment rate for 16 -24 year olds by Ethnicity :White 19%Chinese 26%Indian 28%Black 45%Pakistani & Bangladeshi 49%
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