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Instructions and Help about Aldi district manager company car

Hi I'm autumn of an English philosophy and political science major and I'm in I had an internship this summer as a district manager intern with Aldi my favorite part of my internship with Aldi this summer was the company culture itself they really throw you in there it's not just you know go grab someone coffee you go in and you really do what a district manager would do every single day shadowing them at first and then really getting into the nitty-gritty of going out there and helping your employees they give you a lot of respect and they really expect a lot from you in return and whenever you're afforded so much responsibility it really gives you a chance to shine and that's something I really enjoyed this summer the biggest thing I learned about myself through my internship this summer is that I can actually work in the business world as someone who didn't go to school for business I was really nervous going in because I was afraid that I wouldn't understand the lingo or there would just be something that I was fundamentally missing going in but they gave me the training I needed and I was able to go through with flying colors and that was something I was really impressed to learn about myself the adaptability I guess something you'd be surprised to know is that Aldi is actually not looking for a specific major that was something that really surprised me when I was looking for internships this past summer the top skill I used this summer with Aldi was my leadership skills actually um I think part of the reason that I was afforded this opportunities because I've been really involved on campus and it was really helpful to have those experiences as a president of different honor societies and on a team like the cross-country team and to take that and use my leadership experience to help the company whenever you're working in store people were looking to you even though you're just an intern for answers and with that leadership experience I was really able to perform it the way I was needed to in store as a result of my internship this summer I first learned that I can be a lot more confident in my skills as a leader taking you know what I've been doing test run that is college and putting it into the real world and seeing it succeed is always a good feeling and then another thing I took away from this summer was an actual offer of employment so I'm after I graduate 2022 in this frame I will be a district manager trainee with Aldi which you know getting out of college and having a job right away it's definitely a huge relief if you're thinking about an internship my best advice is just really get involved with whatever you're passionate about while you're in college whenever someone's looking.

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