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Aldi Employment - FAQ

Do Indonesian universities let students do internships at companies during the summer?
Yes they do let students do internships at companies. But in some degree and some university, it’s not mandatory. More like student’s initiative. Currently the most popular university mandatory program is to visit and live in villages or remotes area where students basically have to do the community services like teaching, building, and others.Here in Indonesia, climate and seasons are not that significant to decide wheter there will be internship or not.
How good is the MS in Computer Science and Engineering program of the University at Buffalo, considering the quality of education, job & internship scene and part time jobs?
Thanks for A2A, I would try to answer this question in chunks rather than writing it all in one go.How good is the MS in Computer Science and Engineering program of the University at Buffalo?Well the fact of the matter is that MS in Computer Science and Engineering program is almost uniform across all universities in US. Most universities allow you to complete your MS degree in 2 years with 3 courses per semester on the other hand the SUNY Universities require you to complete 4 courses per semester which can indeed be a pain in the ass if you don't choose your subjects wisely. My opinion about the quality of courses is just based on comparison with 4 other universities to which my friends went and what I know about their curriculum, so I won't try to generalize here. When you come to Buffalo, you will realize that there are lots of subjects that are interesting and you would want to take them to have a star studded resume by the time you leave for industry. Most courses that are available here aren't available at the universities I know about so that indeed is a plus point. So, this is one advantage that you earn when you come in here that you can invest your precious dollars taking good courses. The flip side to this is that most professors here aren't cool enough to teach those courses and you will have to slog through the courses and burn your ass out to do well in them sometimes that can be an advantage and sometimes not(depends on what kind of a background you possess). You have to complete you MS in 1.5 years hence you will have to take 8 courses in the first 2 semesters and 2 courses in the last. All in all the quality of education in computer science program throughout United States is the same and Buffalo is no exception in that matter.What about jobs and internships and part time jobs?Firstly you ask me about the quality of education and courses at the university and now you tell me that you want to do an on-campus job. Well if you take 4 courses that are super heavy and at the same time doing an on-campus job then let me tell you that's not a profitable proposition you might sacrifice some fraction of your grade in doing so. On Campus jobs are available in abundance and everyone gets it eventually at some point or the other. I tried doing an on campus job but quickly realized that being a computer science student there is no time to do such stuff and left it within a month. Now concerning internships, there were around 300+ students who were admitted to the program in Fall 2022 but only around 90+ have gotten internships (I am one of those lucky one's :) ). So as far as internships are concerned I am not too sure that I can tell you concretely about these. It more or less depends on how you approach the job of getting an internship and what kind of background you possess. I haven't started applying for full time jobs as yet and not much aware of the job statistics but when the season commences I will surely try to keep you posted on that. Hope you find this answer helpful.
How do I convince my parents to let me study something unrelated to healthcare?
This is hard. I was in the same position you are in with my father • I love to write • I love working with animals and kids • but he didn’t think I should be going to college to study literature or history or sociology or psychology • he strongly believed I should be a teacher or a nurse. I didn’t want to do either of those things • I was in and out of college in a battle of wills with my father who didn’t approve of the courses I was taking. I did miserably in the math and science classes I would need to do a nursing course • I finally conceded to do a Journalism degree which he felt was “practical.” I worked in the field for about seven years before giving it up to do what I wanted to do in the first place • write fiction, poetry and work with kids and animals as a therapeutic riding instructor and equine professional partnering with mental health professionals to assist kids at risk and adults with mental health goals.My point is, you can force anyone to do what they are not good at and don’t have a passion for. Law is a post-graduate degree. As is medicine. Your undergraduate degree won’t matter that much for either • although a solid science undergraduate degree will make a huge difference for getting into med school. As a Lawyer a great undergraduate degree would be psychology or sociology with a history minor. Psychology would also be a sound undergrad degree for medicine. Law can be applied in the field of medicine • loads of attorneys are needed in the medical field • for insurance companies, hospitals, malpractice, government etc. I’m not sure why your parents don’t think lawyers are going to be needed, but I live in the US where the questions of health care are a huge at the moment. You have a national health service, so the opportunity for lawyers may not be as necessary there • I don’t know. What is it that you would like to do as a lawyer? Perhaps sharing with them why you are so passionate about law would be helpful in persuading them about your pursuit of this study. Also, if you are going to pay for your education then it is really up to you what you want to study. If you are 21 or older (I don’t know what age you are considered an adult in Australia) then it is really up to you to decide what you will do with your life, not them. You need to state kindly to your parents, that you need to make the decision about what career you will choose for yourself, as you are the one who will have to commit to it. I’ve always told my children to choose their career and work that will make them want to get out of bed every morning, because life is short and there will always be difficult days • even at a job or a vocation that they love. So choose something to do that they can feel passionate about. If you are not going to love working in the field of medicine • how can you be good at it? And don’t you want to be the best you possibly can be at what you choose to do? That’s something that matters. Especially in regards to caring for people’s welfare. I don’t want a health care professional looking after me who doesn’t like his work! So perhaps those are some points you could raise with your parents. Good luck. Remember this is your life and your passions and dreams matter.
What are the problems faced by Indian students in the USA?
My personal experience is quite different from the other answers. There was definitely no culture shock, especially if you come from a big city like Bombay. And even if you don't, if you've watched a few TV series or movies or even read about America in the newspapers, you would be quite well prepared about what to expect here.There was no culture shock socially, but a big culture shock academically.Especially if you are not from one of the IITs/NITs/BITS etc. The way things are taught in USA is very different than back home, and also much better I must say. Back home, a lot of stuff is spoon fed to students, here, you are just thrown into the ocean and are expected to learn to swim as you try to save yourself. The stress is not on how you write your answer, or even if you arrive at the correct answer at all. The stress is on how you approach the problem. I've gotten full points for arriving at a wrong answer! Know why? Because my approach to the problem was correct and in the process of arriving at the answer I goofed up on a calculation, which turns out isn't a big deal! (Imagine trying to argue for points on THAT with an Indian professor). I went to the prof to ask why he did this and this was his answer (I paraphrase): "Everyone goofs up in calculations. In the real world you would double check the answer and find that out. No biggie there; but if you goof up on the approach, then you are never going to arrive at the right answer, now that's a problem."It took me quite some time to adjust to this kind of an attitude, and I think that's perhaps the biggest problem I faced as an Indian student in USA.
Where should I work at, Alcon in Dallas or at Citibank in Fort Lauderdale as a 22-year-old intern (I would be doing the same in both jobs)?
As someone who lives in Dallas, I personally think you would have more of a social life in Dallas. There are bars, movie theatres, broadway style theatres, plenty of night life, lots of community stuff, restaurants from literally any nation, the list goes on.I moved here several years ago and live with a roommate and my significant other, the public transportation is reliable and uber and taxis are always available. There are cheap grocery stores like aldi, and kroger. As well as organic choices. We have an awesome dallas farmers market, or if youre interested in comic books or other nerdy stuff there is always some sort of convention going on.The parks are gorgeous, and just outside the city are some great campsites, hiking, and fishing sites too. I have made good friends in the 6 years i have lived here and i enjoy the area. I will be moving soon for an internship myself in a few years, but this city definitely offers a lot of different interests for those seeking them.Oh, and six flags is only 45 minutes east of me, cant beat that.Best of luck.
What should I do to get a job in a product based company as I am an Electrical Engineering Graduate and I love coding and I only know C and C++?
Do a Certification.
What are the challenges that 1st generation immigrants face when raising children in the US?
Oh, boy, don't get us started :-p. 1) greatly increased college costs. No scholarships (99% are for citizens only), no financial aid, no loans. No in-state tuition in some states *ahem* Minnesota. But wait, you say, why should you reap benefits of our system that we pay for? And I answer that I mean -legal- immigrants that pay higher taxes than citizens for even 10 years and are denied benefits. So, $35k tuition + 10k living expenses * 4 years. Pull it out, and put it down. (Partial) solution is college credit in high school + being thrifty. I had 64 credits coming into college (AP, IB, and Post secondary classes in HS) and finished in 3 years. Parents were thrifty and moved to a really cheap ghetto apartment to pay for my college (I now live in that appartment 10 years later cause yeah rent is $450). 2) children and spouses can't work on some visas. So, all this was done when mom couldn't work. I’d done internships every summer since the start of high school but didn't get a penny. Internships were also hard to get (lots of talking to target institution and HS) because they're “citizen benefits” and there may not be a procedure to let someone work for free. 3) Limited English - self evident; solution - learn it with your kids? Really motivated me that mom was learning it too. Before long I was excited to get it right and be teaching her. 4) Documents suck. It's getting better but you used to need social security number to get a driver’s license. Lawyers make mistakes with your paperwork 30% of the time they file, so gotta have your paperwork in order and be ready for “provide proof and leave the country tomorrow” sort of mail every 3 years. Gotta read laws -a lot- to know what alternatives count as ID, social (=taxpayer ID), proof of this and that; gotta check the work of lawyers and hard your own records. 5) finances and Healthcare are an issue. Even if parents work in their own field, they're often in “trainee positions” and have low salary, yearly contact, few benefits. You just learn to be thrifty and prioritize. Goodwill/Aldi are your friends. Car repairs etc you do yourself. It's still much nicer than in the home country. And the US gets super high skilled workers/inventors for free, so horrible idea to stop hiring foreigners/pad minimum salary limits of 120k. P.S: I am taking about legal immigration - the kind where people come on temporary visas and work hard to stay while being called temporary aliens - not the come and ignore the law approach. First way is harder :-p. If you're tenacious enough, though, there's good opportunities.
What is it like to study in London despite of high tuition fees?;"""London isn't for everyone."" I have to agree with that. However
many people can be quick to dismiss it as an option; a part of being put off by the expense also the statistics that suggest the capital is unsafe. Others jump at the venture without proper consideration; Student life in London is very different to campus life elsewhere.If you keep your eyes open
in London
student discounts can be found everywhere
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