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My name is Aleksandra and today i'm going to make a brief review of all the company today all the company is considered as one of more successful and fast-growing companies with more than 4,000 stores all over the world Aldi is attractive to the most of social group by its good quality products for affordable price it is also important to mention that not only people with low income students or retirees prefer to make purchases in all the people with good salaries are also happy to buy products in this shop so it can be said that as long as Aldi you will be able to keep its prices stable and to offer products of the same standards and quality it will never lack its customers however there are several factors which do not let Aldi to take better place over the position on the market so first of all lack of products especially non-food products can make customers bored and just a force them to buy different products in other shops just to try something new secondly lack of such facilities as - lets cafes or even clean services also make an influence of customer service level it is quite obvious but all the successful tries to follow innovation and new technologies and has successfully implemented such services as online shopping contactless payment method home delivery and even application for mobile homes however comparing with our big supermarkets all the stores design is quite simple and not attractive it hasn't yet implemented such service as self check out what can lead two huge queues what is not big advantage to successful retailing company Aldi has already opened a lot of stores in many countries however it is assumed that it is still relevant to keep opening all the stores in countries which financial well-being is quite low where the prices are still high and salary is still low concerning all these competitors it is assumed that unlikely it will fret and all this position on the market however all the hastily careful and has to be ready to be changing political situation such as UK live in European Union which will definitely affect economic Station in country for example such errors as taxation import prices as well as legislative acts only has to develop new strategies to be able not only to save the same quantity of customers but also to try to increase customer service and customer level by offering new products implementing new services technologies and so on and what is the most important all the has to create new plans how to keep each price stable and safe its strong position on the market thank you.

Aldi Employment - FAQ

Why do companies think it is a good idea to treat their customers like criminals like Walmart does when they check your receipt before letting you leave?
You’re telling me that if you were getting ripped off 900 times a day you wouldn’t take steps to secure your shit? I worked as a manager at Walmart for about a year or so after I retired from the Air Force until I got hired on at Lockheed Martin. Wanna know how much shit walked out of my store every year. Literally millions of dollars. You know who’s pays for that? You do! Prices creep up to cover The losses. Walmart pretty much let’s their customers get away with murder as it is. Shit people pull at Walmart would at the very least get you thrown out on your ass at target. That’s why there’s websites like the people of Walmart and a bazillion YouTube videos of people that lost the evolutionary lottery doing crazy shit. If you came home every day to find half your shit missing your telling me you’d feel bad about locking your door? I don’t think so. I also don’t think that taking 30 seconds to check the receipt of something is all that insulting. The amount of theft that has gone on at the stores for a long time is absolutely mind boggling because like I said Walmart tends to let their customers get away with murder and even with that going on there was a 5 step prices that had to be met before you could stop somebody’s 5 different things that had to be witnessed by me and on camera before I could even say something to somebody. The only ones who pay for it are the honest customers and Walmart doesn’t exactly cater to the high earners of the country so the people that get screwed over are the ones that usually can least afford it. So no I don’t think it’s such a terrible thing and frankly they waited far too long to start doing it.
What was a meal you loved as a kid but now that you’re an adult you realize your parents only made because you were poor?
Roast beef and mashed potatoes.I know what you're thinking. That's not what poor people eat!What you don't realize was that, even though Dad didn't make a lot of money (and was unemployed for a year and a half; we didn't qualify for assistance during that time because the house was fully paid for), we lived on a small rural parcel. This gave us enough room to plant a large garden and raise our own beef. Dad would buy day-old bull calves from a local dairy for $5 or $10. Bull calves are nearly worthless to a dairy; they are happy to sell them early. We'd bottle feed those calves for several weeks, then raise them on grass and hay. Some time during the first few weeks, they'd be castrated. After 18–24 months, we'd have the butcher come, slaughter the beeve, then cut and wrap it. We'd have a freezer full of beef to feed the family for the next year • at less than half the cost of buying meat at the store.The vegetable garden was also productive. A large patch contained potatoes; once a year, a hundred pounds or so of potatoes were dug up and stored for the coming year.We also kept a couple of milk cows. Twice a day, dad would milk those cows by hand, bringing in several gallons of fresh, rich, creamy milk. We'd separate the cream from the milk to make butter, and the excess milk was sold to the neighbors.It was a treat to get a hot dog or cheap hamburger in town. Those things were viewed by my parents as expensive!So while we may have been cash poor, we were rich in many other ways, from always having food on our table to having great life experiences on our country “estate” in the backwoods of small town America.As kids, we didn't participate in organized youth sports. We didn't go to the mall or the movies. But we did have thirteen acres of fields, forest, creeks, and a pond to explore and play in. I wouldn't have traded with the town kids for one bit.Being “poor” is hard work, but it doesn't mean you have to live poorly.A delicacy is something your ancestors ate because they were starving. • Jonathan Johnson
Why do graduate students allow themselves to be exploited like cheap labor?
When I was a graduate student, a visiting scholar once told me in seminar that he needed help unpacking some boxes in his home and that he’d be willing to pay $15 an hour. I didn’t need the money, but my advisor was sitting a few feet away, and I knew that he was friends with the visiting scholar. So I decided I might as well sign up because I didn’t want to get on my advisor’s bad side.I ended up weaseling out of my commitment a few hours before I was supposed to go over to the visiting scholar’s house. After seeing some concerning stuff on the guy’s Facebook page, I worked up the courage to send him an email in which I (falsely) claimed that I was feeling sick. Fortunately, I never saw that guy again. (Twenty months later and 2700 miles away, I met one of the people who had started the job which I would have been tasked with finishing. He had quit because of a pattern of abuse from the scholar, including a death threat.)While I didn’t quite end up being “exploited like cheap labor,” I came pretty close, and I think this incident goes a long way toward answering the question. Why did I initially agree to help the visiting scholar unpack his boxes? Because the alternative was to risk displeasing my advisor, which might endanger my chance of completing the PhD that I’d been working on for more than five years. I knew that it was inappropriate for the visiting scholar to try to hire manual labor in seminar, but I didn’t feel that I could do anything about it without risking my career. I didn’t know for sure whether my university had a rule against that kind of solicitation, but even if such a rule existed, I didn’t want to risk being seen as a troublemaker.Most instances of alleged exploitation are rather less clear cut. In many cases, the graduate students are doing labor which is at least somewhat related to their field of study. I’ll be the first to admit that many graduate student complaints of “exploitation” are whiny and sensationalist. However, the phenomenon of graduate student exploitation is nonetheless real, and testimonies from people who made it through grad school without any exploitation don’t change that.The key point is that graduate students are near the bottom of the academic hierarchy and their graduate programs offer few protections against exploitation. When a student graduates without being exploited, it’s because their superiors didn’t attempt to exploit them. There almost certainly were people who could have easily gotten away with some form of exploitation at some point during the student’s graduate school career.Of course, graduate students do have the option of walking away from their studies. They don’t have to put up with graduate school, so they don’t have to put up with any exploitation that happens in graduate school. In that sense, any exploitation might be considered optional. Many graduate students will choose that option because it’s hard to contemplate walking away from their degrees. By the time they begin to feel like they’re being exploited, they might’ve been in the program for several years, and they don’t want it all to be for naught. Or they simply can’t imagine any other career path.
How can I start working in a retail store if I don't have any job experience?
Good news. Getting a job in retail takes about as much effort as tripping • and falling and/or on acid, which you must be on to want a job in retail. Few of the management positions under SM pay very well and nobody in retail (outside of Costco and some instances at Kohl’s) are treated very well. But if you are a masochist then you can start at the bottom and work your way up. In some cases, retailers recruit fresh university grads right into their assistant manager positions.In the US, there are two classes of workers. Non-exempt workers are generally (but not always) those that have to labor physically or technically for a living (janitors, nurses, factory assembly worker, programmer). The other classification is exempt employee. These are loosely leaders (but not low level supervisors) with the power to hire, reprimand and terminate employees, open/secure a facility (lookin• at you Aldi!) or who provide a highly niche or rare job that has the ability to catastrophically impact a business unit. Retail managers are the second class and are abused with such impunity that not one retailer escapes this fact, not even Costco. They're poorly compensated laborerers who can be expected to work 50–70 hours per week.Retail assistant managers are the employment equivalent of those catch basins in portable toilets that are set up at concerts or street festivals. Except the portable toilets are appreciated, retail assistant managers are not. Not by employees, customers and —despite the insipid rhetoric that corporate principles puke out of their lying mouths• not by their leaders either. It's the most life-and-joy-sapping job ever invented by human minds such that a three person panel of Torquemada, Mengele and Caracalla would pass out from a case of the vapors if the full details of a career manager were described to them.
What are tenure-track jobs?
They are the vestige of a better time in academia.When I started in academia in the last millennium, most people who were adequately credentialed landed a tenure track job within two years of their career start. It was understood that most colleges and universities would eventually award or deny tenure to most of their new hires after a period of five to six years and that tenure would then mean a lifetime appointment.Once administrators won the shared governance wars in the eighties, new positions were just as likely to be offered as a three year contract with no extension types of deal. In the 21st century, the boldness of the cost cutters led to whole departments being replaced by untenured and untenurable credentialed scholars who were typically denied the dignity of an office, any benefits, or any assurance that they would be needed the next semester. In fact, the majority of new hires are now temporary adjuncts. They would find better pay and benefits working at Aldi.The idea of hiring administrators without benefits or offices has not caught on and likely never will. The day I meet my first adjunct academic admistrator will be the day after the rapture has occurred.My persistent son, who naively followed his father into academia, just began his first tenure-track position in Colorado after five years as an adjunct. He feels like he has won the lottery.
Are 48000 euros per year a good salary to live in Berlin for two people?
Yes, €48,000 p.a. is a decent salary to live on as a married couple in Berlin, Germany.Assumptions:You’re married, no kids, your wife doesn’t work / earn income, you’re not a member of one of the “official” churches (catholic, protestant).You’re in the public health insurance (“Gesetzliche Krankenkasse” = GKV).Gross to net calculation:€4,000 gross per month.After public pension scheme payments, public health insurance, unemployment insurance and taxes, you’d be at …€2,373 net per monthSource: Brutto Netto Rechner 2022 2022 Gehaltsrechner 2022 2022 Lohnrechner 2022 2022 GehaltLiving expenses:Rule of thumb is to not spend more than 1/3rd of net for rent, which would mean less than 800€ • this is very doable in Berlin for a 1-bedroom flat and a commute to the city center (“Berlin Mitte”) of 45 minutes.Best check for yourself at a real estate site such as Immobilien, Wohnungen und Häuser bei ImmobilienScout24Groceries at discount supermarkets such as LIDL and Aldi are very affordable and good quality.Esp. in Berlin, there’s tons of affordable restaurants, free parks, affordable Zoos etc.Cédric Waldburger mentions prices for internet, public transport etc.Comparison to average: Average income for a full-time position in Berlin is €3,700 per month gross. Median will be significantly lower. So your salary would probably be in the Top 30–40% for full-time positions.Source: Einkommen gestiegen - Das verdienen die Berliner
Why does Aldi Australia make their employees calculate all change for customers in their heads?
The immediate reason is Aldi’s cash registers are lower cost models and can’t calculate change.Image Credit: Matthew Poon, WA’s first Aldi storeThe philosophical reasons are Aldi’s approach to retail.Do you think our Retail Assistants have an easy job because they sit on the registers? Think again. Our Retail Assistants are the ultimate multi-taskers. Whether they’re racing to fill shelves or scanning through customers, our Retail Assistants can do everything and anything - so a strong work ethic and a positive attitude are an absolute must. We’re looking for self-motivated people with excellent communication skills who thrive in a fast-paced, customer-focused environment.As the face of ALDI, our Retail Assistants must remain friendly and polite especially when it’s the end of your shift or really busy. You’ll be on your feet for most of the day, racing from one task to another so it pays not only to be physically fit, but to really love to push yourself. While you’re working a million miles an hour, cash handling accuracy is a must, therefore a good grasp of basic mathematics is essential. Finally, due to the nature of fluctuating shifts, our Retail Assistants also need to be flexible and available to work any five days out of the week. —ALDI Careers - Retail AssistantAldi has a basic philosophy of maintaining comparatively low staff numbers, with engaged employees, who are aware of how the business works at all levels.They prefer to promote from within and see basic math skills as essential to operation of the business.Efficiency and streamlined operation sum up everything they do. Shelves aren’t hand stocked - products come “display ready” and are pallet-jacked into place.Employees are paid well above industry rates and expected to work long and productive hours in return.Everything they do is geared to reducing prices to the consumer.I once went to another franchise’s store where the employees were stunned that I could multiply three times eighty-five cents in my head. The store was poorly stocked, unclean and the attitude of the employees, though friendly was unprofessional. The staff were also underpaid. They didn’t care about the business.Even in supermarkets, for a business to run efficiently at lower overhead, higher level employee skills and engagement, plus rewards for performance are essential.Personally, I agree 100% with Aldi’s philosophy and have required no less from my employees, co-workers and teams in any of my businesses, no matter the industry type.
Will Aldi grocery ever IPO on US stock market?
Most likely not, it’s a old, german, family owned, company. Several reasons speak against an IPO for Aldi, firstly the company quite old and is cashflow positive, therefore they are not in a hurry to get cash as a company. Secondly, the company is held by the family of the founder, they inherited the company with an insane amount of cash which means they do not need to cash in any equity of Aldi. Last but not least the family still runs the business and is very dominant. I highly doubt they would like to give up parts of their company for cash they do not need.
Why do universities raise their number of tenure-track faculty so slowly?
Tenure is a life-time contract and no department wants to get so "tenured up" that they lose the flexibility to be able to add a new person if that person becomes available. What is actually occurring is quite the opposite: departments are hiring whole cohorts of adjuncts to teach in positions that pay little, offer no long-term commitments and do not even provide benefits. The typical adjunct professor receives fewer benefits and pay than the new employee to Aldi's in Minneapolis (starting pay $13.50 with healthcare, 401k and dental insurance).While the whole concept of income inequality has become a favorite topic in classes in the academy, there is almost no profession outside of corporate management where the differences between top and bottom have become more profound. While the average professor receives around $20,000 and benefits for teaching a single class, an adjunct will receive 1/4 that (if they are lucky) and no benefits for teaching exactly the same class. That, my friends, is why universities are so slow in raising the number of tenured positions.
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