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Hey everyone welcome back to work at daily my name is JT and today I'm gonna be talking to you about the number one reason why you're not getting called for job interviews but before I do that I want a remind you have two quick things first of all please subscribe to our YouTube channel down there by hitting that button you're gonna get our fresh weekly career content really help you up your game when it comes to job search and career development and secondly I want to tell you that there's a link inside the text here there down here or above and that link is going to give you access to an incredible tool which I'm going to talk more about that's really gonna help you remove all the roadblocks when it comes to your job search and the best part is it's 100% free so with that in mind let's get down to talking about the reason why you are not getting called for job interviews so first I want to start with the reality that I know for a fact that you are missing out on job interviews and it's not even your fault the reality is that most of us when we start looking for a job kind of have this knee-jerk reaction and we run out and we start to go to job boards and apply to all sorts of positions online hoping that we'll get a phone call but what you don't know is that less than 3% of the people that apply online ever hear back from the employer ever get that phone call 3% so for you visual folks I'm a visual person I want you to take a look at this chart and really let it sink in all of those hours that you've been spending online filling out those applications the chances are slim to none that you're even gonna get a response back so that's not an effective job search you know it's the definition of insanity right doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result and that's really the problem that you're experiencing and why you're not getting those phone calls so now you might be thinking well this isn't fair the system is broken somebody should fix it but the truth is this is designed to do exactly that the system is built to weed out the majority of people who apply and let me explain why so years ago when we started job boards they were career builder monster more summon the first two on the scene people would post a job and individuals would apply and a few people would apply only if they were fit for the job but fast-forward to today and we have all these different job boards and everybody knows to use them and what happens is that when a company posts a job they get hundreds sometimes thousands of Apple and.

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What is your review of The Software Guild?
?????I participated in the January 2022 Java cohort. This decision has changed my life beyond my expectations. As a former arts instructor, writer, business owner, and stay-at-home mom, I wanted to make web development my career and learn everything I could, but was frustrated with my attempts to learn on my own. When I discovered SWC Guild, I was attracted by the idea of a practical, immersive learning experience and decided to give it my all. Although it was one of the newer bootcamps out there, I was impressed with the backgrounds and experiences of Eric Wise and Eric Ward. I knew I could learn a lot from them. While their teaching styles are very different, both are effective, excellent communicators. They are both extremely accessible and will do whatever they can to help their students master a concept and ultimately, to succeed. After the cohort ends, I had plans to return to my home of Columbus, Ohio. Knowing this, Eric Wise was up front about the fact that their hiring network is strong in Cleveland, but I would be a little more on my own searching in Columbus. While this has proven to be true, Eric Ward does have contacts in Columbus and has made every effort to utilize those on behalf of myself and one other participant who is also focusing his job search in Columbus. It turns out, I didn't need help as I have had many interviews and just received my first job offer in week 11. Based on my recruiter's feedback from another recent interview, there's a strong possibility I will receive a second offer before the end of this week. Throughout the job-search process, interviewers have been highly impressed with my technical knowledge--and I knew virtually nothing about programming eleven weeks ago. One recruiter just told me today: "I don't know how much it cost to go through that program, but it's worth 10 times whatever you paid." I strongly agree.While nearly all of the other bootcamps out there focus on Ruby, a quick internet search showed me that in Columbus, there are around 400 Java jobs available and another 390 C#/.NET jobs. There are only around 65 Ruby jobs. There is a tremendous shortage of talented Java and .NET developers in the industry and while Ruby may be the sexiest new thing, it's not the most in demand.While most of my review has focused on the employability of SWC Guild graduates, I want to stress that this program is not to be taken lightly. It is grueling. There is an aptitude test required to get in. The description "like drinking from a fire hose" is very accurate. You must be comfortable with feeling overwhelmed and overworked. It is not a quick ticket to a better, higher-paying job. You must have a passion for learning and for the subject matter. Of the participants in the two winter cohorts, several had left careers with six-figure incomes to learn software development because they love doing this.In closing, I had two additional concerns: ageism and sexism in the software development industry. I am in my forties and I am female. While the general consensus of women in IT is that ageism exists, it has not affected me at all. If anything, employers see my experience as a strongly positive factor in their hiring decision. I haven't seen even a hint of sexism.These twelve weeks have changed my life. It was extremely difficult to leave my husband and family to live in another city for twelve weeks, only coming home on the weekends, and always working through the weekends even though I was physically at home. There was stress and sacrifice. It's definitely not sustainable in the long term. Still, it's only twelve weeks. Was it worth it? Definitely.
Are white people trusted more than black people are?
Without a doubt they are more trusted than we are.EVERYONE trusts them more than us.EVERYONE is trusted more than us.When someone brings up “Black, African, African American, Afro”, what do some people think of first?The thing is, everyone trusts them more than us and their physical appearance and wealth attracts different groups of people to them. There’s a sad truth that everyone either hates us or is ‘jumpy• of us for no reason(hold on, I didn’t make my point, I’m talking about entire masses and countries of people).(WARNING:You may take some of what I say as rude so don’t read if you aren’t ready. I am coming out with the direct truth). (I’m not acting like an extreme ‘Black• Christian who wants to talk about slavery all day. Just let me make my point)Nowadays, people like to act like racism isn’t what it used to be but it is simply in other forms. Discrimination is just in different forms. Segregation is just in other forms. This falls under trust.Instead of: “You’re ‘Black’, I don’t like you in my neighborhood” it’s, “Oh sorry sir, you don’t have a good enough record or enough income to live in this area.”Instead of: “You can’t teach at this school’, or, ‘you can’t be hired for this job” it’s “Oh you don’t have the right credentials to do anything here ma’am.”On Spanish Quora, a young Mexican man explained how some Asians admire people with light physical features and look at darker people as only violent people who can’t get above the working class. Some of the Chinese literally hire U.S. Caucasians to be teachers in China and a lot of them have little skills enough for teaching over there, while African American people have more skill than ever, spend most of their life’s energy in becoming a teacher and still get denied.Also according to the Mexican writer, in some places in Asia, there were airport trips to the UK that have been cancelled because a large intercom announcement told everyone to watch out for the Africans there. In the U.S., some of us can’t even enter a building without a few of the people jumping like we have weapons in our pockets. As an African American, I can actually speak for myself. Sometimes the people in Aldi try to sneakily look behind them.They shift around uncomfortably and unfortunately for me, I have little to no choice but to stand here in embarrassment and wait for this person to nervously move down the line.For those who don’t believe me, they act a certain way only around Africans, African Americans and people who look like us but around anyone else, ALL their movements change and they’re calm as a leaf in a forest preserve.Some you guys know I am a very loving person. I don’t hate anyone and I don’t think I’m tougher than anyone. I just want respect. Fellow African Americans, some of you probably know how I feel. It’s VERY aggravating having to be a ‘predator• in some people’s eyes.My fellow peers at high school OVER-respect me in this misunderstand-able fear that African Americans demand more respect because if we don’t get it, they get beat up. Our stereotypes involve the following: We are all drug dealers, drug addicts, gang members, violent, crack babies and uneducated.Dreads/braids are a stereotype. It’s just part of Jamaican and African culture. Sure, the BDs changed their looks with braids and some other features but the BDs used to be a good gang, pro-’Black’, helping our communities to an extent.Other gangs were pro as well, helping our communities and standing up for what African Americans wanted.They’ve somehow turned into groups of people who take advantage of the public and their resources. And these types of people typically wear baggy pants, braids, dreads, silver/gold chains, tank tops, etc. This makes it TOO EASY to set stereotypes.Now, some of us get accused of stealing, trying to shoot people or commit robbery just for walking into a public building. Lately I’ve experienced some racism and it’s more frequent as I get older. Now keep in mind I DON’T hand braids or dreads, I have a bun and I don’t always wear baggy pants. I don’t dress like a ghetto hooligan, I dress to the point where I get compliments all the time(from people no older than the middle ages).Nowadays, I might where a casual cap(pretty good condition and not cocked/stained like a gangbanger’s might I add) and some jeans with dressy shoes. A lot of my stuff is expensive but God let me buy them for very cheap. Even after going to these Aldis and Wal-stores for a years now, I often don’t get compliments from people over 50 years old but rather they slyly peak at me and rub their hands nervously like I’m actually going to attempt to hurt them. But around light-skinned people, they immediately stop.I’m 15!!!!! You’re a grown *** man or woman who probably has a Magnum 44 at home, a knife in your pocket and a big 1988 Chevrolet Silverado with the Bigfoot tires on them, screaming “Let’s Go AMERICA!”. People always like to tell me they’re not racist and THEY’RE RIGHT, that’s not my point. My point is that just because you’re not racist, it’s not right to judge people and assume what they are thinking/what they’ll do based off what someone else told you who wasn’t born and raised in that area his entire life/goes off of statistics. All the statistics aren’t even true.That “African Americans only make up 1% of the economy” junk isn’t even true. I’ll talk about that in another answer.Before you comment hear me out. I know a lot of you want to correct me but noticed how I said ‘some• often. I’m referring only to people who experience this stuff. This isn’t intended for everyone. Please don’t take offense to my answer. If you have problems with what was typed, please comment respectfully and we can talk this out. Sorry it was so long.Thank you to all who read fully and upvoted.
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