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Aldi Employment - FAQ

How is it for a 17 year old Indian  student to study in the UK?
Hi,Check out my detailed answer on a similar question here: What are some things I should know or do before going to the UK for a master's degree?I have enlisted most of the things you should take care of before your journey, and the life after reaching there.Other than that, you are comparatively young (i went to UK when i was 23), so the changes will be even more evident (or rather into your face), but you will have a lot of support around- in the form of the university international office and international students group, who will help you to cope with any changes. Never hesitate to seek help if you have any difficulty settling in or feel alone or the culture shock is too much (although it wont be much if you are from a metro city in India).There will be many opportunities to socialise (the students union will have different clubs and societies- ranging from sports to drama), many events around the city (if you are in big cities like London, Edinburgh or Manchester). Once you are familiar, and if you want to get a feel of doing part time work (20 hours/week term time), you can apply for jobs. it will be a good learning experience to know more about the working ethics and culture in UK.Make use of your student card or NUS card for discounts in pubs/restaurants/cinema wherever applicable. Buy an Oyster card for tube travel if you get into an university in London. As you will be staying for minimum 3 years, you can also think of buying a 16–25 Rail card (for travel in trains for around 1/3rd price).Try to experience the British culture by meeting people in the community. You can check this website - HostUK :: Home which helps you to stay with a British family either for a day or over the weekend, and spend time with them. It is a great experience and your stay would be incomplete if you dont get a first-hand experience of their culture).The social scene is a bit different there, as it mostly revolves around pubs and alcohols, and undergrads are crazy in partying there. As you mentioned you will be staying in an university accomodation, you will find house parties going on till 2–3 am over the weekend. Or students going out into the city centre (mainly pubs and clubs). Make sure you join them only if you are comfortable and don’t want to put many holes in your pocket.I am a vegetarian, so i can share my experience of being a vegetarian in UK. You wont find many vegetarian restaurants (except maybe in London where vegan cafes and restaurants are springing up nowadays), but eating out regularly would be damn expensive. So, best is to cook at home. (Check my section on food in this answer) If you go to any restaurant, you wont find more than 1–2 vegetarian choices. (although i am not saying you shouldn’t go, but choices are limited.)Buy groceries from big stores (Morrisons, Aldi, Tesco, sainsbury, etc. - once you start visiting them, you will know certain items are cheaper in certain stores). Avoid bulk shopping from smaller stores like Sainsbury’s local, Tesco express, etc. which is good only for emergency shopping as they are expensive. Take general masalas (only if you are in a small city, i think london and other big cities will have indian stores).Lastly, Attend pre-departure briefings conducted by British council which will be held in July, 2022 this year across various cities in India. You will get a lot of good information regarding various issues. I found it very useful before i left for UK.All the Best!
Has UK television become more boring in the last 30 years?
I mean this is entirely subjective. There’s not really a definitive answer. That said, I will try and be as objective as possible.In terms of comedy, I would argue no, it’s as strong as it’s always been. 30 years ago Blackadder was still going strong, though this is the edge of the timeframe, it still fits. Fast forward for shows like Red Dwarf, Peep Show, Little Britain, The Mighty Boosh, Inbetweeners, Plebs.You should really check out Plebs, especially if you were into The Inbetweeners!Panel shows are, in my opinion, in their prime and have been since the early 2000s. 8 out of 10 Cats, QI, Would I lie to you, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Mock the Week.No one beats the quick-witted Lee Mack, or the Middle Class ranting David Mitchell. No one.Documentaries are often spearheaded by the BBC and they have produced some greats, such as anything with Sir David Attenborough as well as hundreds of fascinating cultural and historical documentaries (if you can’t tell by my credits, that’s a particular favourite of mine).This man is a National Treasure. That fact is pretty much the only thing this country can agree on!Then you’ve got Dramas and similar genres including the likes of a modern Doctor Who (like it or not, during the Tennant/Smith era it was pulling huge ratings and the stories were considered by most to be high quality and unique). I would put Top Gear in this category as well, and we all know how popular that was. Eastenders and all its like-minded shows are still going and although they’re not my cup of tea, people seem to be enjoying them still. Then you’ve got newer shows like Downtown Abby and Poldark.Say what you want about Series 8–10, but Capaldi was absolutely brilliant! As was his sense of Fashion!These thirty years also gave birth to the Reality TV genre and things like the Great British Bake off, Big Brother and Bargain Hunt are all completely unique takes on the genre, like it or not (personally, I do not…).Those of us who hate this show can breathe a sigh of relief if the rumours are to be believed!Children’s TV is still evolving but I wouldn’t say it’s gotten worse. Blue Peter’s kept going strong all these years. There’s plenty of animated and clay animated shows that aim to both educate and entertain. There are also educational shows with a twist, such as Horrible Histories or various Wildlife programs with an emphasis on danger. Then you’ve got pre-teen/teen dramas and comedies that all try to be as individual and unique as possible.This show was perfectly Britsih, perfectly childish, and perfectly historical. Everything a little me wanted!Sports and News are perhaps the only genres that haven’t continued to evolve. Though I guess, how could they? That said, if you include Olympics opening ceremonies and the occasional quips from news anchors, perhaps they both still have some uniqueness to be credited to them? I’ll leave these two down to your judgment, as they’re not quite as black and white as the other genres.Even though it wasn’t actually her majesty the Queen, I can’t say I can foresee the Royal Family ever doing anything that’s more spectthan this!Finally, there are gameshows which really came to be in the 70s/80s but have gone strong all these years. Crystal Maze, The Apprentice, Countdown, Robot Wars, Masterchef and Total Wipeout. All of these shows are a vastly unique take on the genre and many require specific skills, such as the like of Robot Wars where you need to be able to build a small robot from scratch to fight others.A bunch of grown men and women competing and embarrassing themselves for our amusement. You know what? Maybe I can’t fault the Romans for Gladiatorial combat after all…As you can see, there’s something for everyone. I don’t like all of the genres on here and I suspect that’s the case for most people, but in each genre I do like, there are plenty of shows for me to enjoy, and I’d say the same for every genre. I think the only way you can objectively judge TV is based on its uniqueness and while there are plenty of shows that copy other’s formulas, in each genre you have new and interesting takes and ways of doing things.Keep doing whatever it is you’re all doing guys. Don’t let your viewers down anytime soon, please!
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