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Aldi Employment - FAQ

Does increasing minimum wage make lower value work impossible to pay for?
If the work is low value, and minimum wage goes up, you’ve got a couple of alternatives.You can pay the workers an increased wage, if you want the work done and don’t really have any alternatives.You can maybe contract the work out to an individual. Suppose you are a restaurant and you have a lawn that needs to get mowed. You have a guy that does it, and he earns minimum wage. Minimum wage increases, so you hire a guy to mow the lawn for $15 and if it takes him an hour and a half, well, he’s earning $10 per hour. This only works in limited circumstances.You automate the task, using software or hardware. For instance, McDonald’s installs ordering kiosks.You make the customer do more. For instance, grocery stores no longer bag the groceries. There was a yogurt shop near me where you would go to one of about 20 vats in the wall and serve yourself frozen yogurt. There was then a toppings bar, and you’d put on your toppings. Then you’d get it all weighed and pay for it: the customer did most of the work.If you go to countries that have a high minimum wage (either by law or by the fact that there aren’t many low skilled people), you’ll notice that things are different. Last fall, I went to Denmark for a few days. Here is a Starbucks at the airport:Yeah, there’s no one working there. You can use their automated machine to get coffee. They also have normal Starbucks, but I still thought this was interesting.I went to a Danish grocery store. It wasn’t Aldi, but it looked sort of like an Aldi: unlike American supermarkets, the stuff was mainly on palettes in the store, the displays were not elegant, and there was minimal staffing at the store.But let’s take a look at Aldi in the US versus other supermarkets. Aldi pays its workers quite a bit more than normal supermarkets, maybe up to 50% more. However, a typical Aldi only has 2–3 people working there at any given time, while my local Stop & Shop has probably 30 or 40 people working there at any given time. Aldi has put in place numerous ways to save on labor costs by requiring less labor.At Aldi, you have to put a quarter in a slot to unlock a shopping cart. After you are shopping, you get your quarter back. However, this ensures that everyone returns the cart to the front of the store; if someone doesn’t, they forfeit their quarter, and someone else will return the cart for a quarter (maybe a 12 year old?).Aldi is clean but not elegant: its displays are the boxes the stuff came in, so it takes very little time to unload the truck and put out the groceries for display.Most things you buy at Aldi (which is mostly house brands) have about 4 bar codes. This makes checkout a lot faster, so they need fewer cashiers.Aldi doesn’t bag your groceries. In fact, Aldi cashiers just take the groceries and place them into another shopping cart (the previous customer’s), so they can check you out really fast. Again, this causes them to need fewer cashiers.Aldi pays more, but its employees have to be more versatile. If there are a lot of people checking out, they’ll have everyone doing cashier. But if there’s a lull, those people will be cleaning the store, or some other task.Aldi doesn’t have a fresh deli or butcher or a pharmacy or bank on premises. It’s just groceries. Deli meats are pre-packaged, as is everything.
Is it really true that there are no Walmart stores in Germany?
Yes, but it is worse than that: there are no Walmart stores operating anywhere in Europe. Granted, Walmart Corporation does operate the Asda chain in the UK, but even it is not the leading grocer there.It wasn’t because Walmart never tried to enter Germany. It tried and failed rather spectacularly, buying up several chains in the 90’s (Wertkauf and Spar) but failing to really distinguish themselves in the German market while developing, as they do virtually everywhere, the reputation for mistreating employees.Germany without Walmart is not exactly a shopping wasteland. In fact, I prefer shopping for groceries in Germany where stores like Kaufland and Rewe offer very good pricing and excellent merchandising. In fact, one of the great ironies is that Aldi, a German discount brand that I used to visit as a student in Germany in the 70’s, is now building multiple grocery and merchandise stores in my Twin Cities market, often considered an upscale food metro area. If you visit a Walmart to compare prices of food and produce, you quickly discover that they are more expensive (and less appealing) than the smaller Aldi store down the street.Walmart’s failure in Europe is very similar to the failure of Target to expand operations into Canada. When you read postmortems on each attempt, the same word emerges: hubris. They imagined that their name and US reputation would be enough to establish them immediately in new markets.Here is a German summary (in English) of the Walmart failure in Germany: https://thetimchannel.files.word...ets.
Why in the US people compare their pay per year and not per month?
A lot of this is social convention that may not have a single identifiable source, some of it will be hourly employee union contracts, some of it will be state laws. At any rate, MOST of the world outside a few areas like North America or Western Europe experienced very high inflation.My director is a Brazilian woman. We are both employment rules/laws/customs nerds. We just went to In-N-Out and talked like two hours about what it was like to be an HR director for Latin America (and all the crazy customs across that wide area). One of the things she mentions that is VERY common in Africa and Latin America is that inflation had historically been so high that nobody quite gave a shit about what the annual salary was because none of the future numbers would make sense or be relevant, so everybody wanted to know what their monthly pay was and the increase calculator for each week of that month. (Other countries have other pressures and do their thing for so many reasons that it becomes challenging to identify —outside of laws or major union rules• how employment behaviors came about.)Most pay in the US is calculated two ways:Non-Exempt Employees • For laborers (and non-leadership specialists), they generally are paid by the hour. That doesn’t mean they’re handed an envelope of money every hour (and yes, I’ve had to answer that specific question as a recruiter literally hundreds of times • with the “envelope of money” specifically coming up more times than I care to count). We simply calculate your pay by hour because you are paid by the hour if you’re a laborer. Typically, in the US, paychecks come every other Thursday or Friday (by which I mean: your money is deposited in your bank account; most companies don’t print checks any longer and if you do not have a bank account, they’ll open one for you, send you a debit card and then deposit your money in there). A couple of organizations still pay weekly but they’re fading. This is because, in the US, there are a set of labor laws that protect those non-leadership roles in which a laborer must physically perform a task. (Farm workers, assembly line workers, custodial, construction, mining, livery, loaders, drivers, service staff.) They are protected by very tight constraints on what they can be asked to perform and for how many hours per week. Anything in excess of 40 hours falls into 1.5 times their base wage territory and not a lot of companies offer that[1].Exempt Employees • For leadership roles or highly skilled trades that have a disproportionate effect on the organization (the power to activate or shut down critical systems like enterprise infrastructure, power grids, etc.), physicians, accountants or lawyers, they are exempt from most labor laws but protected by guidelines on how they are paid and what kind of tasks they can be asked to do. They are paid based on the year and that amount is broken up into the pay periods with no possibility of overtime (OT).As recompense for sacrificing OT, they cannot be asked to perform “menial” tasks or those performed by hourly workers within their organization more than a very slim minority of their shift. So (lookin• at you ALDI USA[2] • who lost a massive lawsuit), you cannot hire ALL managers of your store and make them stock shelves all day. Salaried managers cannot be required to ring register or stock shelves more than a short period of time otherwise they can sue for overtime and a wage to reflect that work. When I was a manager at Kohl’s, we were embroiled in a lawsuit in which a local district manager lost the company millions of dollars by badgering managers to perform labor intensive tasks.Of course, American laws are more complex than that and we haven’t even delved into state laws which add a whole additional layer of complexity to the structure of W2 (full time) employees.Footnotes[1] Wage and Hour Division (WHD)[2] Aldi Owes Store Managers Unpaid Overtime Wages, Collective Action Claims
Do you think Amazon's announcement of a minimum wage of $15 will soon be followed by other large employers like Wal-Mart?
It’ll be done by employers who derive more than $15 in benefits from each hour an employee works. This means that the employer has to be somewhat selective in whom they hire; the employees have to be able to do a variety of different tasks, and it’s likely there’s a significant degree of automation or customer self service if the company is in the retail sector.A good candidate for a company going the $15 per hour route is Aldi. The German owned grocery store already pays it workers much more than other grocery stores. However, Aldi stores typically only have 2 or 3 people working at any given time: Aldi is pretty good at figuring out ways to not need that many people, so labor costs as a percentage of revenue are still lower than other grocery stores. For instance, most Aldi products have bar codes on every side of the box (makes checking out faster), they don’t bag your groceries, and carts require a 25 cent deposit (returned when you put the cart back into the corral).Amazon also generates a lot more sales per employee than traditional retailers, so Amazon won’t be as affected by higher retail costs as would a brick and mortar store like Walmart. Indeed, by advocating for a higher minimum wage, Amazon is going to make things much more difficult for traditional brick and mortar stores.
Is it essential to hire a web development company?
Thanks to the advent of content management systems, it has become quite easy to develop a website for business or personal use. But there are some technical aspects which can only be handled by the experts. So hire MarkupCloud, which is one of the widely trusted web development company with over 5 years of experience and has completed 10,000 projects. MarkupCloud is known for its highest quality markup conversion with quickest turnaround times.MarkupCloud specialises in markup conversion services such asPSD to HTMLPSD to WordPressPSD to DrupalPSD to MagentoPSD to JoomlaThey have a team of 150+ dedicated web developers and designers, who are always ready to convert any design file into desired content management system or web script. Along with that, they also offer 30 days after service support. MarkupCloud's strong technology competency, NASSCOM & STPI accreditation, competitive pricing and tested support models, make them stand apart from rest of the developers. To know more about their services visit them at PSD to HTML, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla or you can directly call them at +1.585.416.0088PSD to HTML, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla525 Winton Rd. North, RochesterNew York, 14609 USAPhone +1.585.416.0088Email sales@markupcloud.com
What books are out there to learn about retail leadership?
Sam Walton: Made in America - don’t let the age of the book fool you as it’s your anchor book on retail leadership.Good to Great to Gone: The 60 Year Rise and Fall of Circuit City by Wurtzel is part history and part leadership lessons. It’s a great reminder of what poor management does to a retailer - this one is a sleeper.Grocery stores are retailers, so I’m including We Are Market Basket by Korschun and Welker. This journalistic narrative addresses company culture, hiring, and customer service not to mention dissension within the family owners.Minding the Store by Stanley Marcus - if there was a masters degree for retail management (is there?), this would be required reading.Built From Scratch by Marcus is about the building of Home Depot and is to retail what Shoe Dog was for the building of a consumer brand athletic shoe. This one has the edge over all the others—great read.Don’t forget Starbucks. Onward by Howard Schultz addresses leadership directly and indirectly.Isn’t it Obvious may not be so obvious for this list. But the late, Eli Goldratt writes about inventory management in a retail backdrop.I’m not sure Self-Made in America by John McCormack is still in print. But I liked this small business success book as the author explains how he and his wife built a small hair salon empire. I could have done without some of the political opinions at the end.Paul Hawken’s Growing a Business is of the same ilk of the title above. You’ll find this title on many top must-read lists.My last one is only if you’re a retail junkie. Years ago, an old boss recommended Bare Essentials, The Aldi Way to Retail Success. Similarly, this one may be hard to track down.
How would you handle the immigration problem at our southern border?
The answer is really rather simple. A wall is actually not needed for that particular problem. Why are the illegals coming in the first place? The promise of getting a job and thus a better life than the one they have in their country. I think you would agree with that.So, make E-verify REQUIRED not voluntary. Jail and then imprision ALL those in business who hire the illegals. Make them trade their mansion for a jail cell. Once the magnet is turned off, the flow of illegals would disappear.I would also at the same time eliminate welfare programs. You want to eat• go to work. All those jobs the illegals do now where at one time done by Americans. But with welfare programs, why work when the Gov. will pay you for not working.Next, give ALL the illegals and companies hireing them six (6) months to voluntarily vacate the country and have them replaced with citizens. After the grace period, sweep the country and prosecute all the companies STILL hireing illegals. Illegals aprehended will be barred forever from re-entering the country.Turn off the magnet. No wall needed.
Which is the best outsourcing company for AngularJS development?
Frontend is the most important part of the website. The users get to this page and creates their first impression, which needs an amazing user interface. However, the more the users get to know your website, they would need great user experience. AngularJS created by Google provides this most amazing user experience to build stunning frontend applications. At Techtic, we have been using AngularJS and have great knowledge on what’s new with Angular 8 as well.Our team of AngularJS developers have experience with taking your business idea into different phases of development. We have exceptional track record in engaging startups into design sprints and wire framing incredible prototypes of businesses. We have built a team for our customers to offer them an MVP and also helped several companies create their go-to market strategies.We are the #1 angularjs development company because of our credentials, flexible engagement models, our experience and our ability to handle projects from startups to enterprises with maximum efficiency.Benefits of using AngularJS for Frontend:Easy Use & High PerformanceDevelopment is made easier with its rich feature • reducing the need to write code.Robust and comes with spontaneous featuresCreate custom widgetsEmpower localizationUsing DirectivesHTMLis used as its pattern language and makes use of reusable HTML componentsDirectives helps focus on creating logicsFacilitates better productivityImprove code readability by reusing them.Declarative Style CodeDeclarative model is used for creating patternsMakes the code more lightweight, easier to read and supportInstead of describing every step required, only the necessary result can be described.Simplified MVC StructureUses MVC architecture to build robust and interactive web applicationsIntegrates MVC design pattern to build client-side web applicationUses combined power of MVVM and MVCSpa-Oriented FeaturesProvides forms of validation capabilities.Using data from forms, the behavior of the HTML elements in UI can be changed.Has built-in validates for error handling, but own validates can be created if required.Dependency HandlingUtilizes dependencies and dynamic loadingsans worrying over instances and namespace.The framework enables you to isolate the application into coherent modulesIn spite of having conditions on each other, they are independently instated.Techtic caters:AngularJS Web Application DevelopmentAngular Web DevelopmentAngularJS UI DevelopmentAngularJS REST API DevelopmentAngularJS Mobile App DevelopmentAngularJS Cross Platform App DevelopmentAngularJS Support & MaintenanceAngularJS Code MigrationProgramming Languages:Database & Server: Apache, AWS, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, NGINXProject Management Tools: Slack, Jira, Trello, AsanaIndustries we serve:TravelSocial NetworkingLife StyleHealth & FitnessProductivityBusinessNavigationEntertainmentTechtic Solutions, is a leading full stack development company and has been offering AngularJS as frontend services for many of our projects. We believe that AngularJS is a full blown framework and has some very interesting benefits.While we are a team of 70+ professionals we have worked with our customers in different engagement models.Engagement Models:Hire full time dedicated resourceBuild your teamFixed Price ProjectWe also offer a free trial and an interview before hiring a developer or a team of developers.Recent Projects:Widelinked: This is a marketplace for engineers in gulf and middle east. This connects the employers with the most experienced freelance engineering professionals out there.Remote Home Check: This is a smart solution built for old age homes where user can keep track of individual and its activities through remote location.Planned Professional: This is a financial service portal, where the platform mainly serves 401K and other financial consultants by providing insightful information on their financial summary, POC & areas they can improve.There are many more clients who can confirm our diligence and competence.If you are looking to hire angularjs developers or want to build your team of experienced angularjs developers, and want to know the pricing for hiring resources, feel free to:Visit us: https://bit.ly/2JoSnjBEmail us: info@techtic.comCall us: +1 201.793.8324
How does the ALDI store keep prices down so low, lower than Walmart and Sam’s Club?
According to www.aldi.us, ALDI is able to offer lower prices by being more efficient and cost-effective. One way ALDI keeps costs low is by stocking only commonly purchased grocery items and not offering many different brands of a product. ALDI will only stock an ALDI exclusive brand or another name brand. This means that ALDI can take advantage of volume purchasing to lower costs and maintain a smaller store because they don’t need to stock as many products since they only stock limited items and brands.ALDI has specific packaging requirements for items it sells so that it is more efficient for employees to stock. The shopping cart rental system means not only are there no stray carts in the parking lot but saves money by not having to hire an employee to retrieve them. ALDI only has essential services you can’t bank or go to a pharmacy while you shop. These efficiencies mean each ALDI needs fewer employees to run effectively and they are able to pass this savings on to customers.
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