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Aldi Employment - FAQ

Does it matter if the GPA for the first two years were really bad but improvedsignificantly for latter years (for master application and employer)?
Yes. You should be prepared to explain the difference. You may have been illor there may have been family problems or you may just be a very slowstarter and I don’t know of any employer who wants an employee who takes twoyears to learn the ropes.
Does a letter of recommendation from an employer (of the company related toour field of interest) help in an M.S. application, or should it be from aprofessor (irrespective of the area in which we want to pursue the master's)?
It can be helpful. My experience has been limited to PhD programs in my fieldon both the applicant and reviewer side of applications but similar questionsarise there perhaps even more. Specifics will vary by program but one of the most important things ishelping your reference writer to understand what program youre applying towhy youre applying and what information he or she has about you that wouldbe relevant to the admissions committee. Some traits are valuable regardlessof context intelligence and work ethics and will not need much translation.Others especially with regard to research require a little more effort. Inmy case I copied down information from school websites about who shouldconsider their programs examples from the Wharton site include questions suchas Am I independently motivated to answer questions that I find interestingand Do I want to spend the rest of my career doing research as well asreading and talking about it and discussed with my former boss whyexperiences in the software industry lead me to answer Yes to thosequestions. Armed with that type of information and much more he couldprovide the information that doctoral admissions committees were looking for. While in some ways its important to have your professional recommendationmeet the requirements for an academic reference you can also use it to gobeyond what most academic references include. If your professional experiencesinclude project management team management resource management conflictresolution training or other valuable experiences that can translate into anacademic setting and many of those can easily translate be sure they arealso incorporated into the letter. If youve spent time working after collegeyou want to make sure you get credit for those experiences on top of all youracademic qualifications. You cant ignore the typical academicresearch skillsso try to also have good transcripts test scores and academic referencesbut if you have all that and more dont be afraid to highlight what else youbring to the table similar to the paragraph above you may need to educateyour reference on the type of work you hope to be doing in your program andhow your work experiences demonstrate your ability to succeed in that work. In my case on top of a professional reference I also had an academicreference from an unrelated field I was working for 9 years so it was harderfor me to find multiple relevant academic references. The process there wasactually similar though a bit easier. This professor could speak to me mentalability and work ethics and also my ability to absorb a body of knowledge anddevelop novel questions. The discussions were more about what specific typesof skills knowledge and so on were valued most in the field I was applyingto enter and highlighting how his knowledge about me could best answerquestions the programs I was applying to might have about me. The problem with references from outside the field youre applying to is thatit can be a bit harder for them to check all the boxes for information theadmissions committee needs about you. However you dont necessarily need themall checked in a single letter. If you get your knowledge of the subjectmatter and intellectual ability covered in one letter and your ability tomanage projects and deadlines in another for example you can still have asuccessful application. Just be sure youre putting in the time to make surethe committee can get a full picture of what youre bringing to the tablefrom across your letters of reference. If thats not possible in the number ofletters they allow you might need to reconsider who your references are. Ifits not possible at all if nobody can speak to your abilities in someimportant areas you might need to work on developing your profile foranother year or two.
How good is Master in Management at Vlerick Business School, Belgium in termsof the curriculum, quality of professors, reputation with employers, job sceneand overall experience for an international applicant?
Vlerick holds triple accreditation which says something. Not many businessschools have the endorsement of the three most prominent accreditation bodiesin the world. Here is the link Accreditations and rankings Vlerick BusinessSchool.As such you should feel very comfortable applying to their master ofmanagement program which ranks 4 in Benelux in the Financial Times rankings.Nonetheless that I would ask yourself what you mean by “good.” Do you meancurriculum Reputation with employers Caliber of classmates Drill downfurther to see what is most important to you and that will help you make amore informed decision of school choice.
How do I find application maintenance services in USA?
MAINTAIN MODERNIZE BUSINESSCRITICAL MAINFRAME APPLICATIONSMost mainframe applications were developed more than 20 years ago. In today’srealtime business environment that can make them complex expensive tomaintain. These problems are compounded by a lack of uptodate documentation the attrition of knowledgeable engineers.Ourikens application development maintenance service helps you maintainyour businesscritical mainframe applications replace legacy applications.We’re experienced at handling mainframe costs change requests costpressures lack of support for niche technologies packaged solutions.Our comprehensive services address inadequate quality eliminate factors thatdegrade application structure code quality efficiency. We also clean updead components unusable code that accumulates when organizations lackfunding for periodic cleanup optimization.Ourikens application maintenance services are tailormade for today’s nimbleenterprise. Our portfoliobased approach takes a bigpicture view oftechnology information architecture people services. We collaborate withyou to understand your business processes applications. Then we deliverresults.We have years of experience enhancing application stability lowering supportcosts reducing totalcostofownership steering companies like yourstowards continuous service quality improvements.Ourikens proven maintenance methodology has three stagesPlanning Study of the existing systems preparing baselines providingestimates. Transition Transferring knowledge shadowing teams assisting maintenance. Maintenance Optimizing the processes bringing change where required.Ourikens services willSignificantly reduce maintenance costs increased performance. Speed the timely release of programs enhancements. Improve knowledge with toolbased reverse engineering. Align with industry trends.
What are the main differences between ElasticSearch, Apache Solr andSolrCloud?
To add some points to an old thread 1. ElasticSearch was born in the age of REST APIs. If you love REST APIsyoull probably feel more at home with ES from the getgo. I dont actuallythink its cleaner or easier to use but just that it is more aligned withweb 2.0 developers mindsets. 2. ElasticSearchs Query DSL syntax is really flexible and its pretty easyto write complex queries with it though it does border on being verbose. Solrdoesnt have an equivalent last I checked. Having said that Ive never foundSolrs query syntax wanting and Ive always been able to easily write acustom SearchComponent if needed more on this later. 3. I find ElasticSearchs documentation to be pretty awful. It doesnt helpthat some examples in the documentation are written in YAML and others inJSON. I wrote a ES code parser once to autogenerate documentation fromElasticSearchs source and found a number of discrepancies between code andwhats documented on the website not to mention a number ofundocumentedalternative ways to specify the same config key. By contrast Ive found Solr to be consistent and really welldocumented. Ivefound pretty much everything Ive wanted to know about querying and updatingindices without having to dig into code much. Solrs schema.xml andsolrconfig.xml are extensively documented with most if not all commonly usedconfigurations. 4. Whilst what Rick says about ES being mostly ready to go outofbox istrue I think that is also a possible problem with ES. Many users dont takethe time to do the most simple config e.g. type mapping of ES because itjust works in dev and end up running into issues in production. And once you do have to do config then I personally prefer Solrs configsystem over ES. Long JSON config files can get overwhelming because of theJSONs lack of support for comments. Yes you can use YAML but its annoyingand confusing to go back and forth between YAML and JSON. 5. If your own app worksthinks in JSON then without a doubt go for ESbecause ES thinks in JSON too. Solr merely supports it as an afterthought. EShas a number of nice JSONrelated features such as parentchild and nesteddocs that makes it a very natural fit. Parentchild joins are awkward in Solrand I dont think theres a Solr equivalent for ES Inner hits. 6. ES doesnt require ZooKeeper for its elastic features which is nice cozI personally find ZK unpleasant but as a result ES does have issues withsplitbrain scenarios though google elasticsearch splitbrain or see thisElasticsearch Resiliency Status. 7. Overall from working with clients as a SolrElasticSearch consultant Ivefound that developer preferences tend to end up along language party lines ifyoure a Javac developer youll be pretty happy with Solr. If you live inJavascript or Ruby youll probably love ElasticSearch. If youre on Python orPHP youll probably be fine with either. Something to add about this ES doesnt have a very elegant Java API IMHOyoull basically end up using REST because its less painful whereas Solrjis very satisfactory and more efficient than Solrs REST API. If youreprimarily a Java dev team do take this into consideration for your sanity.Theres no scenario in which constructing JSON in Java is funsimple whereasin Python its absolutely painfree and believe me if you have a nontriviable app your ES json query strings will be works of art. 8. ES doesnt have inbuilt support for pluggable SearchComponents to useSolrs terminology. SearchComponents are for me a pretty indispensable partof Solr for anyone who needs to do anything customized and indepth withsearch queries. Yes of course in ES you can just implement your own RestHandler but thatsjust not the same as being able to pluginto and rewire the way search queriesare handled and parsed. 9. Whichever way you go I highly suggest you choose a client library whichis as close to the metal as you can get. Both ES and Solr have reallysimple search and updating search APIs. If a client library introduces anadditional DSL layer in attempt to simplify I suggest you think long andhard about using it as its likely to complicate matters in the longrun andmake debugging and asking for help on SO more problematic. In particular if youre using Rails Solr consider using rsolrrsolr instead of sunspotsunspot if you can help it. ActiveRecord is complex codeand sufficiently magical. The last thing you want is more magic on top ofthat. To conclude ES and Solr have more or less featureparity and from a featurestandpoint theres rarely one reason to go one way or the other unless yourapp livesbreathes JSON. Performancewise they are also likely to be quitesimilar Im sure there are exceptions to the rule. ES relatively newautocomplete implementation for example is a pretty dramatic departure fromprevious LuceneSolr implementations and I suspect it produces fasterresponses at scale. ES does offer less friction from the getgo and you feel like you havesomething working much quicker but I find this to be illusory. Any timegained in this stage is lost when figuring out how to properly configure ESbecause of poor documentation an inevitablity when you have a nontrivialapplication. Solr encourages you to understand a little more about what youre doing andthe chance of you shooting yourself in the foot is somewhat lower mainlybecause youre forced to read and modify the 2 welldocumented XML configfiles in order to have a working search app. EDIT on Nov 2022. ES has been gradually distinguishing itself from Solr when it comes to dataanalytics. I think its fair to attribute this to the immense traction of theELK stack in the logging monitoring and analytic space. My guess is that thisis where Elastic the company gets the majority of its revenue so it makesperfect sense that ES the product reflects this. We see this manifesting primarily in the form of aggregations which is a moreflexible and nuanced replacement for facets. Read more about aggregationshere Migrating to aggregations Aggregations have been out for a while now since 1.4 but with the recentlyreleased ES 2.0 comes pipeline aggregations which let you computeaggregations such as derivatives moving averages and series arithmetic onthe results of other aggregations. Very cool stuff and Solr simply doesnthave an equivalent. More on pipeline aggregations here Out of this worldaggregations If youre currently using or contemplating using Solr in an analytics app itis worth your while to look into ES aggregation features to see if you needany of it.
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