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Hey guys we are at our local all day doing our quick Gyllenhaal I have about 200 hours me I'm hoping to come in under 150 dollars though so far I've gotten I'll show you what I've got lots of fruits and vegetables more things for smoothies so it treats too so there's the veggies that we got - watermelon ice cream freezer items and now for storage this might really come in handy testable rods I think I'm gonna get these are only $4.99 so I'm going to get two of these for kids rooms okay so we did end up coming in right around $200 and I've got to find my receipt to see how much sense but it's good got those closet hangers and some extra goodies and now my big guys are loading up the three carts worth in the back of the van and I am going to take them over to sweet frog because because we should because we burn calories for grocery shopping oh yes hi big boy can you say hi friends hi hi say I'm Daniel big boy yeah not always nice puppy oh it's our nice puppy nice hey miss Chloe yeah Chloe nice night nice puppy he's a good girl she is a good girl she's one good cousin deadly huh oh my good oh good girl good girl nighty-night she's a nice girl yes nice girl nice poncho you're a TV oh here's what happens behind the scenes when I get home big boys help me bring all this in and then I spend time organizing it on the table I thought some of you would enjoy seeing how big quote baby Daniel is getting gonna organize my vegetables and then we'll do this haul right Daniel we're here and the man and I are back he was just crying you could be happy now tired tired oh it's so sad so sad he he had my phone and went running with it and then I took my iphone back Oh mommy why you do that mommy so I'm gonna film this whole partially with Daniel we'll see we'll see if you could make it the whole way okay okay so this is my all-day hall now you saw my once a month grocery shopping haul that I dug back to oh it's gonna have weeks ago so this is our fill-in haul and like I said came in right around $200 and some change I also got got a few goodies you know I like to pick up goodies when I have it on the budget when I'm able so I'm just gonna go through this hall we'll see what we got so we got there era there are ten milks here I actually I got eleven I thought I dropped one we drop one so there's the milk I'm trying to point with my one hand not as well as usual I also got two.

Aldi Employment - FAQ

How can I start working in a retail store if I don't have any job experience?
Good news. Getting a job in retail takes about as much effort as tripping • and falling and/or on acid, which you must be on to want a job in retail. Few of the management positions under SM pay very well and nobody in retail (outside of Costco and some instances at Kohl’s) are treated very well. But if you are a masochist then you can start at the bottom and work your way up. In some cases, retailers recruit fresh university grads right into their assistant manager positions.In the US, there are two classes of workers. Non-exempt workers are generally (but not always) those that have to labor physically or technically for a living (janitors, nurses, factory assembly worker, programmer). The other classification is exempt employee. These are loosely leaders (but not low level supervisors) with the power to hire, reprimand and terminate employees, open/secure a facility (lookin• at you Aldi!) or who pra highly niche or rare job that has the ability to catastrophically impact a business unit. Retail managers are the second class and are abused with such impunity that not one retailer escapes this fact, not even Costco. They're poorly compensated laborerers who can be expected to work 50–70 hours per week.Retail assistant managers are the employment equivalent of those catch basins in portable toilets that are set up at concerts or street festivals. Except the portable toilets are appreciated, retail assistant managers are not. Not by employees, customers and —despite the insipid rhetoric that corporate principles puke out of their lying mouths• not by their leaders either. It's the most life-and-joy-sapping job ever invented by human minds such that a three person panel of Torquemada, Mengele and Caracalla would pass out from a case of the vapors if the full details of a career manager were described to them.
Can Woolworths in Australia be beaten?
Beaten in what sense?Woolworths in Australia is a supermarket giant comparable with Coles. They also operate in New Zealand under a different name.If you were considering a hostile take over, you would have done research and realised that the finances involved would be excessive and the market already in deep competition, with the more recent Aldi taking up what I see as the only viable rival position.I don’t really understand the question. It’s comparable to “Could Microsoft be beaten”.Once a market position has been established over a long period, the momentum really entrenches the major players.A better question may be: “Is there room for another company chain like Aldi in Australia?” I don’t think so. I believe we need to return to more personal, private ownership, which would prmore jobs and share opportunities.I don’t know if I believe or more hope that giant business monoliths with boards of directors and networks of supply chains that bleed local providers and dictate the market are becoming an outmoded institution.Now that I’ve written it down, it appears more like a hope than a belief.Corporations are a cancer.A small but powerful few people have insatiable greed whilst the bulk are too accepting or just feel helpless by themselves. If only the latter realised that they are the vast majority and without them, giant corporations have nothing.
Why there are fewer technology jobs in Australia compared to USA Or even UK?
I'd suggest there are three main factors.First is size. The US has 300 million people, the UK has 60 million people, Australia has 20 million people. Secondly is labor laws that protects workers and thus hiring is expensive. There is no at-will employment, and it is relatively difficult to dismiss workers after their probation period (typically 6 months). It is also geographically distant to any other country, so typically they can't send you home easily if things doesn't work out. That is why companies insist on the candidate to "be there" instead of telephone interviews. Lastly is Australian business conservatism. There is a much less active venture scene compared to US or even UK. Australian businesses appear to be much more risk averse, prefer to invest almost exclusively on technology and business models that are proven to have worked elsewhere. Consequently, there is a lot less investment available to tech companies that does not yet have a proven product and business model, and hence less jobs.
Should we raise the minimum wage by at least 18% since the cost of living has gone up that much since the last increase and corporate profits are up?
Q. Should we raise the minimum wage by at least 18% since the cost of living has gone up that much since the last increase and corporate profits are up?As a disclaimer, I should point out that I am not a wealthy person. In case you think I am shilling for big corps or the Koch Brothers on this one.On the contrary, I live in a part of the UK that has some of the lowest per capita income figures in the country.The National Minimum Wage affects areas like mine very negatively. Unemployment figures here are already high and blasting the national minimum wage up isn’t going to help that.Regions with very different economies like London would not be massively affected. Maybe a few jobs lost here and there, but nothing drastic as most folk there are already earning well in excess of national minimums.I find it amusing that people think big business is going to simply “eat up” higher wage costs without taking any counter measures at all.If I was a corporate CEO, my knee-jerk response to an 18% increase in my wage bill is to lay off 18% of my workers and to demand productivity increases in line with the enhanced wages.Businesses like Aldi and Amazon are the poster boys for getting the most out of a limited labour force. An 18% increase in the minimum wage here in the UK wouldn’t affect them as they are already paying entry level staff well in excess of it.However, have you seen how fast the staff there have to work to keep their jobs?Amazon workers have to pee in bottles because they don’t want to take time out for a pee lest their manager complain that they are away from their work station for too long.Aldi staff might not be peeing in bottles but the speed at which staff shift pallets about and move goods through tills is astounding to me as a customer.But what about the employers that do pay around the current minimum wage?Well, here in the UK, employers like Asda (the UK division of Walmart) have been laying off vast numbers of checkout staff and that’s without massive hikes in the minimum wage.You used to see endless lines of checkout girls in the big superstores but now its rows and rows of self-service checkouts with just a skeleton staff of floor walkers there to supervise.In an age of globalization, mass immigration and rampant automation, the idea of spiking the minimum wage is lunacy.Rather, we need to find other ways of dealing with the problem.
What are the most family-friendly workplaces in Baltimore?
Rule one never work for family.But for PT time Starbucks . Trader Joes, Whole foods ,Aldi, Ikea or you can do the corporate end of these jobs with insane benifits and pay well. Also Wegmans
What are 3 good things and 3 bad things about your country?
FINLANDBADVery high taxes, if you earn over 70k€ per year you will have to pay over 50% taxes.Police state where everyone stalks you. If you do even a small wrongdoing, be prepared that someone will surely call the cops on you. The law is taken literally and enforced to the ridiculous level.Everything is expensive. Cars are 50–100% more expensive than in the of the world. Ordering a cleaning lady will cost 50€ per hour. Bottle of beer is 5€. Bus ticket for one trip is 4€.GOODIf you never plan to work nor contribute the society, Finland is the place to go. You will be paid starting from 700€ per month per person in form of different social benefits for your entire life. This is why Finland is so popular among refugees.Quiet and not lot of people around. If you enjoy peace, Finland it is. You will find places here with only 1 person per km2.Light punishment for crimes. Maximum possible sentence is 15 years. If you kill someone (not murder), you will probably get sentenced for 8–10 years, if the court thinks it was by accident in the fight etc. then it’s 4–6 years. For rape usually 2–3 years. For assault you may walk away with only fines. Keep in mind that if it’s your first time, you only need to serve only half of your sentence. If it’s not your first, but you behaved well in the prison, then you sit only 2/3.
How do the people in other countries view China and Chinese?
The Author: During his Yangtze river travel.The author’s wife and the author worshiping in China; paying respect/worshiping The Lord.I am Indo Canadian, soon it will be 50 years, Chinese connection for several decades as professors, classmates, neighbors, business associates, friends and several visits to China mainland.My impressions are as follows:Most of them( the Chinese) are like this of course there are exceptions.Extremely hard working.Forgiving they almost forgave some of the biggest cruelty/injustice in the modern world.In fact, they are the most misunderstood human beings in the modern times.Very strong family values and structure.Down to earth.Live within their means.Very respectful to elders/teachers/authority/.Non complainers.Great team players and sincere friends.Most of them eat/live very healthy and balanced lives.Education and some hobby are number one.The Chinese women in general very beautiful, homely, motherly and extremely hard work females in the world.https://www.google.ca/search?q=C...:https://www.google.ca/search?q=C...:China:Very beautiful country.Very safeWomen/girls are very respected in China, most likely one of the best status in the modern world. Gender equality please visit and see yourself.One of the best public transportation systems.Very tolerant to other people.Most of the 55 minorities live in peace with 90 percent Han majority.The Govt is doing the best to integrated minorities.Food capital of the world, one life may not be enough to try all the cuisines/dishes/ in China.It is a myth that the Chinese hate their Govt. they may not adore it, but they respect and like it.One of the most glorious and civilized society in the world.Originators of various mind boggling ancient inventions in the development of modern world.In spite of now one of the most powerful country: they almost forgave this . Read the history then you will know, What is China and the Chinese.https://www.google.ca/imgres?img...https://www.google.ca/search?q=s...:A famous photo entitled "Bloody Saturday", showing a burned and terrified baby in Shanghai's South Station following an IJN aerial attack against civilians, August 28, 1937[22]Battle of Shanghai - WikipediaWhite Terror - WikipediaShanghai massacre - WikipediaIn my books, some of the injustice and terror around the world caused by imperialist and colonists, may be forgiven but never be forgotten.Bombing of Chongqing:Three-thousand tons of bombs were dropped on the city between 1939 and 1942.According to photographer Carl Mydans, the spring 1941 bombings were "the most destructive shelling ever made on a city",although by comparison 2,300 tons of bombs were dropped by Allied bombers on Berlin in a single night during the Battle of Berlin.A total of 268 air raids were conducted against Chongqing.Casualties of a mass-panic during a Japanese air raid in Chongqing 1941Bombing of Chongqing - WikipediaHundred years of humiliation:Opium wars: ( Thank you, west for bringing down one of the best civilization to the dust)https://www.google.ca/search?q=&...:https://www.google.ca/search?q=&...:Hundred years of humiliation:Source : You Tube.https://www.google.ca/search?q=&...:Looting of China by British, Looting of India by British watch this video.To Understand present day China one must understand its past and 100 years ho humiliation. Once you do it,To understand and know about China and the Chinese is not a fly by night operation:First wipe out your minds clean from the images created by the press and negative images shown in around the world over and over again on the T.V., it is called brain wash.To understand the present Dragon, try to understand the past Dragon, study their glorious history first.Most of the Westerns and including business people are not aware of this recent humiliation of China, from 1842 to 1949.China was the world's largest economy, proud of its historic innovations, its literature, art and the superiority of Confucianism.In 1842, Britain demanded diplomatic recognition and trade concessions. The Chinese refused, and the British declared war. The Opium War was a military and psychological disaster for China, and the Treaty of Nanking was a national embarrassment because it forced China to cede control of its territory.The door opened wider, and the British, Russians, Japanese, Germans and the French rushed in, controlling the coastal cities, trade and finance. China's sovereign territory was violated by the foreign presence. Chinese distrust of all foreigners grew stronger.Today, the Chinese recognize that the United States is the sun...but it is slowly setting. The United States may no longer be the overwhelming world power, but it maintains the influence to shape events.https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/c...Most of the world may not know the Chinese invented it is just a reminder :Compass, paper-making, Printing , Silk-Making, Great Wall, Gunpowder, Ice Cream, Calendar, Suspension bridges, Kites, Martial ArtGlimpses of Modern China: The author took these pictures during various trips.Glimpses of Modern China: Men/women are working hard shoulder to shoulder in this beautiful country.Terracotta Army: Once I saw this, I am not the same person.Pure Silk pride and joy of the world, for thousands of years world enjoyed this luxury of Chinese pure silk.The Great Wall of China: Just climb to the top, never mind making even a few yards, The Chinese made thousands mile this mammoth structure.Future of modern China: Most the Chinese youngsters are very proud, bright and healthy and new sunrise in that country.Handicap bodies but not handicap souls and self pride: One guy without arms and the other without legs. This resilient race never gives up. They are not beggars now they are entertainers.Something to think about, be inspired and motivated and look at life in a different angel.When in China: In case someone goes hungry, he/she must be very unfortunate person in the world.Modern China: Where ancient and new, past and present are meeting to show the future will look like.Master pieces of Modern Engineering: IBM, headquarter in Beijing the building is magnificent in the shape of dragon.
What is the outrage in Australia about Halal certification? Why are there calls for it to be banned?
“Halal hell. There ought to be a Royal Commission! The Australian debate is an ongoing *&^%$ - we’re at each other’s throats!”“There’s been so much propaganda and misinformation, it’s a travesty!” On smoko and at the watercooler, at the pub, the bus stop and on the footpaths, Leftards and Right Wing Nut Jobs - everyone has an opinion.Enraged fearless truthsayers will tell you, “For far too long, Aussie working families• hard-earned wages have been sucked dry by profiteering halal food certifiers and all those Middle Eastern Arab oil producers.”“These rip-offs might be funding terrorism! Those Muslims have been bleeding us with oil prices for decades! It’s a rort. It’s time to fight back.” [1]FOODIt’s not just the slaughtering and preparation of meat, halal covers all foods. [2]¼ of the world is Muslim. [3]Of those 1.7 billion people, ¼ live in the Middle East. [4]15% of the world’s Muslims are from South-East Asia - they eat halal fried rice.90 million people near Bali are our nextdoor neighbours. A lot of refugees have come to Oz from that direction.Without halal certification, we stand to lose the huge world export markets we've opened up for Aussie producers.In the international and domestic market the following producers, exporters and distributors are halal certified:“Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, IGA, Franklins, Food Land, Cadbury, Nestle, Kraft, Kellog’s, Allowrie, SPC Ardmona, Sanitarium, Paul’s, Harris Farm, Parmalet, Tip Top, Helga’s, Purina, Bega, Blackmores, Ingham, Steggles, Lilydale, Sara Lee, Buttercup, Saxa Salt, Johnson & Johnson, Capilano Honey, Leggo’s, Sunbeam, Maggi, Top Taste, Mainland, Vegemite, Marmite, Promite, Nutella, CSR, Masterfoods, Dairy Farmers, Meadow Lea, Vittoria Coffee, Fountain, Devondale, Dilmah Tea, Dolmio, White Wings, Eta, Wrigley’s, and Four ‘N Twenty are just the tip of a Titanic-sized iceberg.Fast food outlets, and restaurants like McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks, Burger King, Red Rooster, KFC, Subway, The Cheesecake Shop, Krispy Kreme, Wendy’s, Mrs Field’s Cookies, Nudie, Nando’s, Le Wrap, Curry Express, Salsa’s Mexican, Garlo’s Pies, Dougie’s Flamed Grilled and retail butchers and chicken shops like Red Lea Poultry are either certified by group, store, or by individual item and many others including independent and chain sushi stores, pie shops, kebab shops, cafes, pizza shops, bakeries, ice cream shops, burger shops, poultry shops, grills, pubs, theme parks and restaurants are all financing the halal certification tsunami…” [5]—From one of the leading anti-halal certification activists, political satirist and cartoonist, Larry Pickering.¾ of Oz's food production is halal. If you support the calls for boycotts, good luck with that.OIL“Then, there’s the Arab nations• greedy profiteering on oil. Take a look at the price at the pump. It’s highway robbery!”Image Credit: Peter Broelman [Political cartoonist]: “I’m not buying anything from YOU! Who knows what that money ends up funding in the Middle East!”Only 1/3 of the world's oil is produced by the Middle East.Since the GFC, and changes in world oil production metrics, Arab nations have been in drastic recession, or wartorn.The U.S. is once again the world's leading producer of oil, ever since they regained oil independence by fracking and shale oil extraction.Our fuel prices are set by the Singapore Spot market. [6]Nearly half of our oil comes from South-East Asia.$0.50+ in every litre of petrol goes directly to the Federal and State governments.Wholesale service station margins are around 13c a litre, profit 2c a litre.Aussie service station outlets are predominantly U.S. and multinational, or ColesWorths corporate controlled.WHAT IS THE OUTRAGE IN OZ ABOUT?The halal debate and calls for bans in Australia, sell newspapers and media advertising; fill social media and get Senators like Pauline Hanson [7] elected (our perennial white supremacist - who’s equally worried by “Indigenous Peoples, Asians, Muslims, hard-to-spell vaccines and that climate change hoax.”) [8]The “debate” is a perfect storm. A bushfire of broadcasted opinions, fueled by misinformation, ignorance and fear - hate, hysteria and years of propaganda.Avagoodone!Footnotes[1] Fact check: Does halal certification fund terrorism?[2] Halal[3] List of Middle East countries by population[4] Muslim world[5] THE TRUTH ABOUT HALAL CERTIFICATION[6] FACTS ABOUT THE AUSTRALIAN RETAIL FUELS MARKET & PRICES[7] Pauline Hanson[8] Trickle Down Racism: Without Tony Abbott, Pauline Hanson Couldn’t Have Returned - New Matilda
Why are so many men becoming MGTOW supporters?
Let me answer this with a scenario. A boy is born, for the first 12–15 years he is taught that women are the greatest thing since slice bread, they are beautiful, they are wonderful, they are never wrong, they don’t poop, every man should aspire to be graced with the presence of one in his life as a friend, or partner. They will love you as intensely as you love them, for you not shallowly. They will be loyal to you, as you are to them, they are incapable of lying or duplicity, and are all around the superior creature, men are all truly blessed if they know any or are lucky enough for one to like them. Meanwhile, the girls are taught that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, they can do anything they want to do, be whomever they want to be, have anything that they want to have. Every one is a special princess in their own right, no matter what they do or don’t do.For the first several years of public school, everything is good, then puberty hits. Unbeknownst to the boy, conditioning has set the girls sights far higher than they should be, and they are only interested in the top male specimens (20 or so percent). This boy is good looking and fit, he falls into the 75th or so percentile, which means that he is short of what girls are interested in. As a result, throughout the rest of his high school career he finds himself in the friend zone, being used on occasion for favors and the like, always being lead on that there might be a relationship in it for him if only he did enough, or was good enough to a girl (cause they will love you for that heart of gold, right?). Well, he leaves high school with the impression that something went wrong, and maybe college will be different, must have been him, cause these perfect loving creatures could not have been so shallow to be after the jocks for their looks, or the rich kid for his money. He goes to college, and is not terribly successful with girls, but continues to be that friend to cry to, the one who has 20 bucks to lend, the one who can give her a ride home after drinking too much, the one that can help her move to another dorm, but just not relationship material. One day though, he finds a “different girl”, and she gives him a little attention. They start going out. He uses his meager money to buy dinners, give her gifts, etc. He thinks things are going well, but suddenly she is is done with him (either ghosts him, or has the courtesy to break up with him), and within a week she is with some bad boy that treats her like absolute trash, but seemingly it is like ambrosia to her. The kid catches on quick and emulates some of that behavior, and since he is not bad looking and fit he get into a string of FWB and short relationships. Sex becomes passe (he can take or leave it), and his eyes are finally beginning to open. Girls can be just as shallow as guys, they care more about money, looks, and prestige than substance. Everything that he has been taught about them is seemingly a lie.He is nearing the end of college, and isn’t dating much, he has seen behind the curtain and is angry that he will never know the love he was lead to believe existed. Then he meets a girl, he is skeptical, but she is “different from all the other girls”, she even tells him so. They start going out, and it is great. She is great, she is all the things he was told she would be, she is loyal (though she always texting and secretive with her phone, beautiful (though she does wear a lot of makeup, loves him for him (though he spends a lot of money). Heck, she may be the one, marriage material. Courting goes on for about 3 months, and then she becomes distant. Present, but distant as she seems more fond of that phone than him. He tries all sorts of tricks to prove his love, gifts, vacations, you name it.. All stops are pulled as he is trying to hold on to her. She seems contented, though the phone never stops buzzing. By this time he is in his first job after college. He has rented an apartment which she lives in with him for free, while she “finds herself” and finishes her humanities degree. He is putting in 50–60 hours a week keeping the bills paid trying to build a life for them, and one day he decides being with her is worth more to him than the money that day and he decides to go home early, he picks up flowers. when he gets home, he sees cars parked in the street in front of his house, but thinks nothing of it. He steps through the front door, and hears noises coming from the bedroom. He starts to feel sick, but goes anyway. There she is getting spit roasted by 2 bad boys covered in tatts, and reeking of booze. Disgusted he leaves the room and on his way out sees her unlocked phone, he picks it up and starts scrolling only to find out that she has been unfaithful the entire relationship. She has seen more penis than a urologist. More disgusted he drops the phone and leaves. When he finally comes home, the guys are gone, but the police are there. They grab him and haul him to the station, when he gets there he is grilled about what he’d done, and he tells them the story. According to the cop though, she says that he hit her, and abused her, and even showed them bruises (that look like maybe her party boys might have made). He is fortunate enough that there is not enough evidence and is released after several days. Just long enough for his employer to claim job abandonment and fire him. He returns home to find that the apartment he pays for has it’s locks changed, one of the badboys moved in, and his stuff sitting out on the stoop getting rained on. He packs his things up and goes to find another place to live. He is smart enough to know that if he does anything at all, he will be crucified by a system that sees him as disposable, and her as a helpless victim. He calls her a couple days later for the last time for an explanation. She tells him that he is never around (working his ass of to fund their life), and that she is not happy. The other guys plowing her made her feel special, because he didn’t, couldn’t. How dare he be upset about how many had been with her before, and how dare he try and make this her fault, when he should have been man enough to be around and entertain her.He is beyond enraged about the situation, he wants to kill her, but he can’t do that, no matter how shitty a person she is, she is still a person. He then thinks “maybe it’s me who should die” (this is where the story ends for a lot of guys, check out the stats). He isn’t ready to throw in the towel yet. He starts his web search for a new job, and while searching goes off on a tangent looking up what he can do about an evil woman who destroyed him. He happens upon an obscure site called MGTOW. There are a bunch of guys there that have gotten some of the same treatment and they are talking about things he had learned himself the hard way. They tell him there is a better way. Just cut women out of his life and focus on his own happiness. But, isn’t giving up for losers, what will other guys think about him if he doesn’t have a girl, or is perceived to be unable to get one? They reassure him, that it doesn’t matter what others think, only that he do what he needs to, on his own terms to live the happiest life that he can. He finds a new job, puts in time, finds a house this time an buys it free and clear. MGTOW introduce him to concepts that seem familiar from his own experience, tell their own stories and share concepts that he’d not learned or thought of. Over time his anger fades, he can barely remember the ex anymore. He has one hell of a nest egg stored up, 2 nice cars, the house, and takes trips to South East Asia twice a year (cause he likes the climate, not the brothels). For whatever reason he kept Facebook, and posts all of his adventures and achievements. His ex, approaching her mid 30s and not doing well at all hits him up on Facebook, maybe they can give it just one more try. He politely declines and blocks her. He has no intent of being with her, or any other woman. “The juice is not worth the squeeze.”This is only one of 1000s of possible stories. The underlying fact is that society and the law are stacked against men. If you associate with a woman you do it at your own peril. Dependent on level of association she can have you thrown in jail, prosecuted with no more evidence than her word, ruin your school career, ruin your work career, take your friends or alienate you from them, take your money, take your property, take your house, take your pet (or kill it), in some cases kill you and get away with it, manipulate you, abuse you and get away with it, rape you and get away with it, assault you and get away with it, have other men beat you, consign you to wage slavery, take your kids from you, and a host of other awful things.For all of that risk, what can she give you? Faux/or real emotional support, semi-regular sex, children.What do you stand to gain by removing women from your life? Less drama, less stress, less need for money, greater hoard of money, more free time, more personal autonomy, no entanglements with the law, no tetherSo, do the math here Reward - Cost = no relationshipno relationship * benefits of no relationship = happiness
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