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Aldi Employment - FAQ

Who comprehends in 2022 that Modi will not even utter his two top favorite words (employment and development) in 2019?
No.He very easily fooled the nation,and not just that,he BETRAYED the nation!Fooled citizens,took the innocent for a ride and benefitted industrialists,trillions of rupees,causing the same loss to the nation.23,000 scams,RS 1,00,000 crores loss in bank loan frauds! Heavy loss to the PSU banks and the RBI!He ruined the nation and looted the nation and ditched the common man who practically worshipped Modi!I have never even heard such a betrayal in history of the world!If he continues as P.M.India's scenario will be worse than North Korea,and Kimjongun will envy Modi!No one caused this much loss to our beloved nation!
Who are some of the best rappers from 2014-2019?
I’m gonna go ahead and assume you mean best rappers whose careers blew up or started around this time period.Now a quick side note: I won’t be judging too heavily on lyrical ability if the flows/personality and the music are great enough, so if you’re expecting a list of pure “lyrical miracle” type rappers, prepare to be disappointed.Denzel CurryUnderground rapper from Florida (who lived with XXXTenatacion back in 2022. is now getting his shine. Most known for his song “Ultimate”, he’s proven to be a versatile rapper. He can pull from different sounds and moods and do everything pretty well. Probably one of the most lyrical artists from the trap scene right now.Travis ScottOnce Kanye West’s protégé, he’s know a force to be reckoned with and is easily one of the most creative artists to come out of the trap scene. Listening to him makes me hope for more artists to play with progressive structures in hip hop music.Freddie GibbsWhile he has been making a while, he only released his first official album in 2022. and he really turned heads with the highly anticipated collaboration with Madlib titled Piñata in 2022. He is brash and vulgar - which I suppose is expected in gangsta rap - but his lyricism and flow holds up to the standards of the top notch beats from Madlib.He’s also done a lot of trap music outside of Piñata, and has also done a collaboration with The Alchemist and Curren$y called Fetti, which is also worth a listen.Playboi CartiLike I said, not a very lyrical rapper AT ALL, but he has a great ear for beats and he flows effortlessly smooth over beats like butter. Initially had mixed reception from the general hip hop community but people have grown to appreciate his music over time.21 Savage21 Savage is the literal embodiment of this generation. Narcissistic, emotionless, and disinterested. There's a reason he blew up. Popular music mirrors the morals and values of society. I for one like his style. The song below is more of an introspective cut if you prefer something with some emotional depth.Vince StaplesA slight outsider in the modern era of hip hop, but he still seems to be appreciated by a lot of younger and older audiences alike. His lyrics tend to deal with dark and introspective subject matters, and he isn’t afraid to experiment with his music when he wants to.JPEGMAFIAThough not a trap artist, he takes contemporary sounds from hip-hop and twists & deforms it into something very strange and surreal. With last year’s album Veteran, he’s been starting to gather a cult following on the internet. He’s not for everyone; he is very left-field and his music can be jarring on first listen, but he is definitely one of the best recent rappers from a lyrical perspective.MIKEA good friend of Earl Sweatshirt, he’s been starting to gain more recognition after Earl dropped Some Rap Songs a few months ago. He’s another another artist on the experimental side, but if you can handle Some Rap Songs, then I think his mixtape War in My Pen is worth a listen. Similar to Earl, he brings sad and introspective lyrics to weird beats (song below is an exception)Other Notable Artists:J.I.DNonameSabaBROCKHAMPTON (a group, but still worth noting)Your Old DroogRapsodyYoung ThugIsaiah RashadTut (recommend his Preacher’s Son tape)Avantdale Bowling Club
What are the result oriented steps taken for education and employment by the government of India in 2014-2019?
Who was prime minister of India during 2022 - 2022 and which party was elected in 2014?;"Who voted for the BJP in the 2022 election
and will not bother in 2022. Why?"
Most people voted for BJP in 2022 will vote in 2022 as well. I would say that the 31% vote share will increase this time. Here is some key reasons.1. No major alternative, AAP still at an early stage to threaten Modi juggernaut2. No major corruption case, while you can argue growth, you cant argue that no major corruption case has come into picture, voters will see that as a positive. Whatever may be the reason behind the same but the fact that no major allegation of corruption is a positive move. 3. Some major opposition parties are in doldrums which will only strengthen BJP in 2022 like AIADMK in TN, they may even have alliance with them in 2022 polls, Similarly JDU in Bihar will give them additional vote share, alliance with PDP may give them additional share in J&K etc. 4. Modi seems to be in control as a leader. As a citizen, you always want the tallest leader to be either in control (like IG) or be a statesmen (like ABB), Modi seems more like IG and people feel safe under such leaders as far as external threats are concerned.PS: I am not a BJP voter and this is my practical opinion. Lets accept the reality.
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