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Aldi Employment - FAQ

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What is your review of Hadoop Application Architectures (2022 book)?
This book is written for developers and architects that are already familiar with Hadoop, who wish to learn some of the current best practices, example architectures and complete implementations. It assumes some existing knowledge of Hadoop and its components (e.g. Flume, HBase, Pig, and Hive). Book references are provided for those needing topic refreshers. Additionally, it’s assumed you are familiar with Java programming, SQL and relational databases. It consists of two sections, the first of which has seven chapters and looks at factors that influence application architectures. The second consists of three chapters, each providing a complete end-to-end case study.Please refer this list of Hadoop Books if you want to know about more books on Big Data and Hadoop.You may also like:Shailna Patidar's answer to Where can I learn complete Hadoop online for free, or is there any best institute?Shailna Patidar's answer to What are some free online resources to learn concepts like big data Hadoop and their applications?Hope the answer was helpful.
What is your review of Programming JavaScript Applications (2022 book)?
????I haven't read the book, but based on the cursory review of the contents, I would put it on my wish list of books to read. Here's my feedback.First, at 250 odd pages, this book isn't nearly large enough to cover web application development in detail. Some good alternatives to consider: Semmy Purewal's "Learning Web App Development" (Introductory, but fairly broad coverage, 300 pages)Mike Mikowski's "Single Page Web Applications" (Advanced, mostly patterns for SPA development, 400 pages).Second, the first half of the book covers JavaScript basics (functions, objects, modules and program structure), topics that have been adequately covered in many other books (including the most well known one by Douglas Crockford). The second half covers a useful set of architectural concerns (authentication/authorization, logging, building RESTful APIs, feature management and internationalization). The style guide is a useful addendum, but I would also point you to Mikowski's book for a more rigorous set of very well thought out coding standards aimed at making JavaScript programming somewhat more foolproof than it can ever be on its own.Third, there is some high level coverage of HTML5, jQuery, Node.js, NPM, Browserify, Grunt, etc., but it's mostly in the form of stating best practices as opposed to detailed tutorials.Happy Reading!Update:Having read through some of the book, I'm changing my review to 4 stars on account of several gems included in this book. I will reiterate that the book is a rapid fire survey of the latest tricks and best practices rather than a detailed tutorial. But depending on the audience, sometimes that's exactly what the doctor ordered.
Y Combinator: What is the start date for YC Winter 2022 applications?
Open now!Winter 2022 Funding
What are some real-life applications of algebraic topology?
The most obvious application of algebraic topology today is here:Solving Today’s Biggest Problems Requires an Entirely New Approach to DataIn other words there is a venture capitalist funded start-up that's all about algebraic topology!  This is the application of algebraic topology to statistics.I would also like to mention a second application of algebraic topology, which is once removed from "real-life" but I envision as potentially transformative.  When people verify the correctness of computer chips nowadays they often take advantage of computer programs called proof assistants.  These proof assistants verify that large proofs are correct, and even fill in easy steps in reasoning automatically.  In other words, the world is increasingly entering an era of proof engineering.The most popular of these proof assistants use as their basic logical language a syntax called Martin-Löf intensional type theory.  This syntax was chosen for its good computational properties, but it has some counter-intuitive behavior.  Recently, it was discovered that this behavior is intimately linked to algebraic topology.  The most fundamental object in Martin-Löf's foundations is not a set, but is rather a homotopy type.  In other words computer scientists were, through no intention of their own, naturally led to algebraic topology.The above realization has led to a flurry of research at the IAS, leading to this recent work:The HoTT BookIt seems that if we are to enter a world in which mathematics is formalized, checked, and perhaps even produced by computer, than the language of algebraic topology will lead the way.  Already the interpretation of type theory in terms of topology has led to new axioms, like Voevodsky's univalence axiom, that vastly simply automated reasoning about isomorphic mathematical objects.Let me just close by mentioning that a third major "outside" application of algebraic topology is to physics, where it manifests in the form of (higher) gauge transformations.
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